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  • 1. Solving Missing Heritability in Patients With Familial Adenomatous Polyposis With DNA-RNA Paired Testing.
    Young CC; Horton C; Grzybowski J; Abualkheir N; Ramirez Castano J; Molparia B; Karam R; Chao E; Richardson ME
    JCO Precis Oncol; 2024 Mar; 8():e2300404. PubMed ID: 38564685
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  • 2. Epigenetic MLH1 silencing concurs with mismatch repair deficiency in sporadic, naturally occurring colorectal cancer in rhesus macaques.
    Deycmar S; Johnson BJ; Ray K; Schaaf GW; Ryan DP; Cullin C; Dozier BL; Ferguson B; Bimber BN; Olson JD; Caudell DL; Whitlow CT; Solingapuram Sai KK; Romero EC; Villinger FJ; Burgos AG; Ainsworth HC; Miller LD; Hawkins GA; Chou JW; Gomes B; Hettich M; Ceppi M; Charo J; Cline JM
    J Transl Med; 2024 Mar; 22(1):292. PubMed ID: 38504345
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  • 3. Dynamic ctDNA-based analysis of drug-resistant gene alterations at RAS/BRAF wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer patients after cetuximab plus chemotherapy as the first-line treatment.
    Zhou YW; Zhao X; Ni L; Cao P; Leng WB; Zhu Q; Gou HF; Zhang J; Li XF; Qiu M
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2024 Apr; 131():111887. PubMed ID: 38503018
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  • 4. [Development of cancer of the Remnant colorectal Segment after Ileal-Pouch Anal Anastomosis/Ileorectal Anastomosis in Patients with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis].
    Chika N; Mori Y; Suzuki O; Ishii T; Sugino A; Ishikawa H; Chiyonobu N; Ito T; Tanabe N; Hatano S; Ishiguro T; Matsuyama T; Kumagai Y; Inokuma S; Ishida H
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2024 Mar; 51(3):336-339. PubMed ID: 38494824
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  • 5. Canonical DDR activation by EMT inducing agent 5-Fluorouracil is modulated by a cannabinoid based combinatorial approach via inducing autophagy and suppression of vimentin expression.
    Mir KB; Chakraborty S; Amin T; Kumar A; Rouf War A; Nalli Y; Kumar R; Dinesh Kumar L; Ali A; Goswami A
    Biochem Pharmacol; 2024 May; 223():116126. PubMed ID: 38490521
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  • 6. Mucin phenotype and genetic alterations in non-V600E BRAF-mutated colorectal cancer.
    Ozeki H; Shimada Y; Nakano M; Kondo S; Ohashi R; Miwa Y; Yamai D; Matsumoto A; Abe K; Tajima Y; Ichikawa H; Sakata J; Takii Y; Sugai M; Nagai T; Ling Y; Okuda S; Wakai T
    Hum Pathol; 2024 Mar; 145():71-79. PubMed ID: 38423222
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  • 7. [Statistical analysis of disability-adjusted life years for stomach and colorectal cancers in Changning District of Shanghai].
    Wu J; Zhang L; Jiang Y; Tang DD; Xiao YX; Zhang Y; Li HL; Zhao WS; Xia QH; Xiang YB
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2024 Feb; 46(2):168-176. PubMed ID: 38418192
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  • 8. Clinical features and mutation analysis of class 1/2/3 BRAF mutation colorectal cancer.
    Huang Y; Jia W; Zhao G; Zhao Y; Zhang S; Li Z; Wu G
    Chin Clin Oncol; 2024 Feb; 13(1):3. PubMed ID: 38372057
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  • 9. BAMLET administration via drinking water inhibits intestinal tumor development and promotes long-term health.
    Tran HT; Wan MLY; Ambite I; Cavalera M; Grossi M; Háček J; Esmaeili P; Carneiro ANBM; Chaudhuri A; Ahmadi S; Svanborg C
    Sci Rep; 2024 Feb; 14(1):3838. PubMed ID: 38360830
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  • 10. Herbal medicine for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients with advanced colorectal cancer: A prospective randomized controlled trial.
    Wu Z; Fu X; Jing H; Huang W; Li X; Xiao C; Li Z; You F
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 May; 325():117853. PubMed ID: 38341113
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  • 11. Genomic Characterization and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Peritoneal Metastases from the AACR GENIE Biopharma Collaborative colorectal cancer Registry.
    Sanz-Garcia E; Brown S; Lavery JA; Weiss J; Fuchs HE; Newcomb A; Postle A; Warner JL; LeNoue-Newton ML; Sweeney SM; Pillai S; Yu C; Nichols C; Mastrogiacomo B; Kundra R; Schultz N; Kehl KL; Riely GJ; Schrag D; Govindarajan A; Panageas KS; Bedard PL
    Cancer Res Commun; 2024 Feb; 4(2):475-486. PubMed ID: 38329392
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  • 12. Association between Pancreatoblastoma and Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: Review of the Literature with an Additional Case.
    Remo A; Negro S; Bao RQ; d'Angelo E; Alaggio R; Crivellari G; Mammi I; Intini R; Bergamo F; Fassan M; Agostini M; Vitellaro M; Pucciarelli S; Urso EDL
    Genes (Basel); 2023 Dec; 15(1):. PubMed ID: 38254934
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  • 13. FBXO5-mediated RNF183 degradation prevents endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis and promotes colon cancer progression.
    Ji J; Jing A; Ding Y; Ma X; Qian Q; Geng T; Cheng W; Zhang M; Sun Q; Ma S; Wang X; Yuan Q; Xu M; Qin J; Ma L; Yang J; He J; Du Q; Xia M; Xu Y; Chen Z; Zhu L; Liu W; Liu S; Liu B
    Cell Death Dis; 2024 Jan; 15(1):33. PubMed ID: 38212299
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  • 14. A Phase II Exploratory Study to Identify Biomarkers Predictive of Clinical Response to Regorafenib in Patients with Metastatic colorectal cancer Who Have Failed First-Line Therapy.
    Gambaro K; Marques M; McNamara S; Couetoux du Tertre M; Hoffert C; Srivastava A; Schab A; Alcindor T; Langleben A; Sideris L; Abdelsalam M; Tehfe M; Couture F; Batist G; Kavan P
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Dec; 25(1):. PubMed ID: 38203214
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  • 15. Sotorasib with panitumumab in chemotherapy-refractory KRAS
    Kuboki Y; Fakih M; Strickler J; Yaeger R; Masuishi T; Kim EJ; Bestvina CM; Kopetz S; Falchook GS; Langer C; Krauss J; Puri S; Cardona P; Chan E; Varrieur T; Mukundan L; Anderson A; Tran Q; Hong DS
    Nat Med; 2024 Jan; 30(1):265-270. PubMed ID: 38177853
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  • 16. Gut microbial metabolite facilitates colorectal cancer development via ferroptosis inhibition.
    Cui W; Guo M; Liu D; Xiao P; Yang C; Huang H; Liang C; Yang Y; Fu X; Zhang Y; Liu J; Shi S; Cong J; Han Z; Xu Y; Du L; Yin C; Zhang Y; Sun J; Gu W; Chai R; Zhu S; Chu B
    Nat Cell Biol; 2024 Jan; 26(1):124-137. PubMed ID: 38168770
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  • 17. Trends in epidemiology and primary treatment of anal squamous cell carcinoma in the Netherlands (1990-2021).
    Ho VKY; Deijen CL; Hemmes B; van Erning FN; Snaebjornsson P; van Triest B; Grotenhuis BA
    Int J Cancer; 2024 May; 154(9):1569-1578. PubMed ID: 38151810
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  • 18. Integrin-linked kinase expression in myeloid cells promotes colon tumorigenesis.
    Ahmed AU; Almasabi S; Firestein R; Williams BRG
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1270194. PubMed ID: 38077324
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  • 19. DNA Mutational Profiling in Patients With colorectal cancer Treated With Standard of Care Reveals Differences in Outcome and Racial Distribution of Mutations.
    Innocenti F; Mu W; Qu X; Ou FS; Kabbarah O; Blanke CD; Venook AP; Lenz HJ; Rashid NU
    J Clin Oncol; 2024 Feb; 42(4):399-409. PubMed ID: 37992266
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  • 20. A role for total alloplastic temporomandibular joint replacement in Gardner syndrome.
    Ângelo DF; Nunes M; Monje F; Mota B; Salvado F
    Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg; 2024 Mar; 53(3):219-222. PubMed ID: 37985266
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