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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND BRD4, O60885, 23476, ENSG00000141867, HUNKI, CAP, MCAP AND Prognosis
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  • 1. Dihydroartemisinin inhibits the development of colorectal cancer by GSK-3β/TCF7/MMP9 pathway and synergies with capecitabine.
    Dai X; Chen W; Qiao Y; Chen X; Chen Y; Zhang K; Zhang Q; Duan X; Li X; Zhao J; Tian F; Liu K; Dong Z; Lu J
    Cancer Lett; 2024 Feb; 582():216596. PubMed ID: 38101610
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  • 2. The Usefulness of Elastin Staining to Detect Vascular Invasion in cancer.
    Gonzalez J; Bahmad HF; Ocejo S; Abreu A; Popp M; Gogola S; Fernandez V; Recine M; Poppiti R
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Oct; 24(20):. PubMed ID: 37894944
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  • 3. IκB kinase-α coordinates brd4 and JAK/STAT signaling to subvert DNA damage-based anticancer therapy.
    Pecharromán I; Solé L; Álvarez-Villanueva D; Lobo-Jarne T; Alonso-Marañón J; Bertran J; Guillén Y; Montoto Á; Martínez-Iniesta M; García-Hernández V; Giménez G; Salazar R; Santos C; Garrido M; Borràs E; Sabidó E; Bonfill-Teixidor E; Iurlaro R; Seoane J; Villanueva A; Iglesias M; Bigas A; Espinosa L
    EMBO J; 2023 Nov; 42(21):e114719. PubMed ID: 37737566
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  • 4. Relevance of shrinkage versus fragmented response patterns in rectal cancer.
    Kus Ozturk S; Graham Martinez C; Sheahan K; Winter DC; Aherne S; Ryan ÉJ; van de Velde CJ; Marijnen CA; Hospers GA; Roodvoets AG; Doukas M; Mens D; Verhoef C; van der Post RS; Nagtegaal ID
    Histopathology; 2023 Dec; 83(6):870-879. PubMed ID: 37609761
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  • 5. Utility of circulating tumour DNA for prognosis and prediction of therapeutic effect in locally recurrent rectal cancer: study protocol for a multi-institutional, prospective observational study (JCOG1801A1, cap-LR study).
    Hashimoto T; Tsukada Y; Ito M; Kanato K; Mizusawa J; Fukuda H; Tsukamoto S; Takashima A; Kanemitsu Y
    BMJ Open; 2023 Aug; 13(8):e073217. PubMed ID: 37586869
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  • 6. Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in Autosomal Dominant and Recessive APC Mutation-Negative colorectal Adenomatous Polyposis.
    Zhu LH; Dong J; Li WL; Kou ZY; Yang J
    Dig Dis Sci; 2023 Jul; 68(7):2799-2810. PubMed ID: 36862359
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  • 7. KLF16 enhances stress tolerance of colorectal carcinomas by modulating nucleolar homeostasis and translational reprogramming.
    Ma XD; Xu SD; Hao SH; Han K; Chen JW; Ling H; Chen RX; Jin XH; Cao JH; Lin JL; Ou QJ; Fang YJ; Pan ZZ; Xie D; Wang FW
    Mol Ther; 2022 Aug; 30(8):2828-2843. PubMed ID: 35524408
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  • 8. A new magnetic resonance imaging tumour response grading scheme for locally advanced rectal cancer.
    Pang X; Xie P; Yu L; Chen H; Zheng J; Meng X; Wan X
    Br J Cancer; 2022 Jul; 127(2):268-277. PubMed ID: 35388140
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  • 9. Changes in apparent diffusion coefficient and pathological response in colorectal liver metastases after preoperative chemotherapy.
    Eriksson S; Bengtsson J; Torén W; Lätt J; Andersson R; Sturesson C
    Acta Radiol; 2023 Jan; 64(1):51-57. PubMed ID: 35084232
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  • 10. The Role of Fecal
    Liu K; Yang X; Zeng M; Yuan Y; Sun J; He P; Sun J; Xie Q; Chang X; Zhang S; Chen X; Cai L; Xie Y; Jiao X
    Dis Markers; 2021; 2021():1171239. PubMed ID: 34853619
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  • 11. Is There an Optimal Definition for a Positive Circumferential Resection Margin in Locally Advanced Esophageal cancer?
    Brac B; Dufour C; Behal H; Vanderbeken M; Labreuche J; Leteurtre E; Mariette C; Eveno C; Piessen G; Renaud F;
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2021 Dec; 28(13):8337-8346. PubMed ID: 34514523
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  • 12. Aberrantly Methylated and Expressed Genes as Prognostic Epigenetic Biomarkers for Colon cancer.
    Wu Y; Wan X; Jia G; Xu Z; Tao Y; Song Z; Du T
    DNA Cell Biol; 2020 Nov; 39(11):1961-1969. PubMed ID: 33085517
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  • 13. Circular RNA is a popular molecule in tumors of the digestive system (Review).
    Wang HY; Wang YP; Zeng X; Zheng Y; Guo QH; Ji R; Zhou YN
    Int J Oncol; 2020 Jul; 57(1):21-42. PubMed ID: 32377736
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  • 14. Fundamental control of grade-specific colorectal cancer morphology by Src regulation of ezrin-centrosome engagement.
    Rainey L; Deevi RK; McClements J; Khawaja H; Watson CJ; Roudier M; Van Schaeybroeck S; Campbell FC
    J Pathol; 2020 Jul; 251(3):310-322. PubMed ID: 32315081
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  • 15. miR-429 as biomarker for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cancers and its potential action mechanisms: A systematic literature review.
    Guo CM; Liu SQ; Sun MZ
    Neoplasma; 2020 Mar; 67(2):215-228. PubMed ID: 31884798
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  • 16. brd4 promotes tumor progression and NF-κB/CCL2-dependent tumor-associated macrophage recruitment in GIST.
    Mu J; Sun P; Ma Z; Sun P
    Cell Death Dis; 2019 Dec; 10(12):935. PubMed ID: 31819043
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  • 17. Prognostic Factors for colorectal cancer Patients Treated With Combination of Immune-cell Therapy and First-line Chemotherapy: A Retrospective Study.
    Takimoto R; Kamigaki T; Okada S; Matsuda E; Ibe H; Oguma E; Naitoh K; Makita K; Goto S
    Anticancer Res; 2019 Aug; 39(8):4525-4532. PubMed ID: 31366555
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  • 18. The value of additional bevacizumab in patients with high-risk stroma-high colon cancer. A study within the QUASAR2 trial, an open-label randomized phase 3 trial.
    Huijbers A; van Pelt GW; Kerr RS; Johnstone EC; Tollenaar RAEM; Kerr DJ; Mesker WE
    J Surg Oncol; 2018 Apr; 117(5):1043-1048. PubMed ID: 29448309
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  • 19. Maintenance treatment with capecitabine and bevacizumab versus observation in metastatic colorectal cancer: updated results and molecular subgroup analyses of the phase 3 CAIRO3 study.
    Goey KKH; Elias SG; van Tinteren H; Laclé MM; Willems SM; Offerhaus GJA; de Leng WWJ; Strengman E; Ten Tije AJ; Creemers GM; van der Velden A; de Jongh FE; Erdkamp FLG; Tanis BC; Punt CJA; Koopman M
    Ann Oncol; 2017 Sep; 28(9):2128-2134. PubMed ID: 28911067
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  • 20. Missing Elements in Surgical Pathology Reports: Breast, Colon and Stomach cancers.
    Kadivar M; Rahimabad PK
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2016; 17(3):1469-72. PubMed ID: 27039791
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