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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND BUB1B, BUBR1, 701, ENSG00000156970, SSK1, BUB1beta, MAD3L, hBUBR1, Bub1A, O60566 AND Diagnosis
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  • 1. Comparison of the performance of the GLIM criteria, PG-SGA and mPG-SGA in diagnosing malnutrition and predicting survival among lung cancer patients: A multicenter study.
    Huo Z; Chong F; Yin L; Li N; Liu J; Zhang M; Guo J; Fan Y; Zhang L; Lin X; Zhang H; Shi M; He X; Lu Z; Fu Z; Guo Z; Li Z; Zhou F; Chen Z; Ma H; Zhou C; Chen J; Wu X; Li T; Zhao Q; Weng M; Yao Q; Liu M; Yu H; Zheng J; Cui J; Li W; Song C; Shi H; Xu H;
    Clin Nutr; 2023 Jun; 42(6):1048-1058. PubMed ID: 37178592
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  • 2. Longitudinal Analysis of cancer Risk in Children and Adults With Germline PTEN Variants.
    Yehia L; Plitt G; Tushar AM; Joo J; Burke CA; Campbell SC; Heiden K; Jin J; Macaron C; Michener CM; Pederson HJ; Radhakrishnan K; Shin J; Tamburro J; Patil S; Eng C
    JAMA Netw Open; 2023 Apr; 6(4):e239705. PubMed ID: 37093598
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  • 3. Mortality After Postcolonoscopy colorectal cancer in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System.
    Kahi CJ; Myers LJ; Monahan PO; Barker BC; Stump TE; Imperiale TF
    JAMA Netw Open; 2023 Apr; 6(4):e236693. PubMed ID: 37022683
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  • 4. The Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of miR-155 in cancers: An Updated Meta-analysis.
    Wu Y; Hong Q; Lu F; Zhang Z; Li J; Nie Z; He B
    Mol Diagn Ther; 2023 May; 27(3):283-301. PubMed ID: 36939982
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  • 5. The Persistence of Poverty and its Impact on cancer diagnosis, Treatment and Survival.
    Papageorge MV; Woods AP; de Geus SWL; Ng SC; McAneny D; Tseng JF; Kenzik KM; Sachs TE
    Ann Surg; 2023 Jun; 277(6):995-1001. PubMed ID: 35796386
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  • 6. [Analysis of related factors of prognosis after surgical treatment of patients with non-metastatic colorectal cancer and construction of a normagram prediction model].
    Liu SX; Zhang L; Shi YK; Han XH
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2022 Feb; 44(2):167-172. PubMed ID: 35184461
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  • 7. Associations between comorbidities and advanced stage diagnosis of lung, breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Boakye D; Günther K; Niedermaier T; Haug U; Ahrens W; Nagrani R
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2021 Dec; 75():102054. PubMed ID: 34773768
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  • 8. Late-Stage diagnosis and Cost of colorectal cancer Treatment in Two State Medicaid Programs.
    Hoover S; Subramanian S; Sabatino SA; Khushalani JS; Tangka FKL
    J Registry Manag; 2021; 48(1):20-27. PubMed ID: 34170892
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  • 9. Incidence Rates, Treatment, and Survival of Rectal cancer Among Young Patients: A Nationwide Cohort Study.
    Ramai D; Ofosu A; Solanki V; Lai JK; Barakat M; Dhaliwal A; Aamar A; Aloreidi K; Mohan BP; Reddy M; Adler DG
    J Clin Gastroenterol; 2021 Jul; 55(6):534-541. PubMed ID: 33464029
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  • 10. Identification of Four Pathological Stage-Relevant Genes in Association with Progression and Prognosis in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma by Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis.
    Xu D; Xu Y; Lv Y; Wu F; Liu Y; Zhu M; Chen D; Bai B
    Biomed Res Int; 2020; 2020():2137319. PubMed ID: 32309427
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  • 11. Estimates of Overall Survival in Patients With cancer Receiving Different Treatment Regimens: Emulating Hypothetical Target Trials in the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER)-Medicare Linked Database.
    Petito LC; García-Albéniz X; Logan RW; Howlader N; Mariotto AB; Dahabreh IJ; Hernán MA
    JAMA Netw Open; 2020 Mar; 3(3):e200452. PubMed ID: 32134464
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  • 12. diagnosis accuracy of Raman spectroscopy in colorectal cancer: A PRISMA-compliant systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Zheng Q; Kang W; Chen C; Shi X; Yang Y; Yu C
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2019 Aug; 98(34):e16940. PubMed ID: 31441886
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  • 13. Cost analysis of single-incision versus conventional laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer: A propensity score-matching analysis.
    Kim CW; Park YY; Hur H; Min BS; Lee KY; Kim NK
    Asian J Surg; 2020 Apr; 43(4):557-563. PubMed ID: 31345655
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  • 14. Germline mutations in candidate predisposition genes in individuals with cutaneous melanoma and at least two independent additional primary cancers.
    Pritchard AL; Johansson PA; Nathan V; Howlie M; Symmons J; Palmer JM; Hayward NK
    PLoS One; 2018; 13(4):e0194098. PubMed ID: 29641532
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  • 15. Family history of colorectal cancer in first-degree relatives and metachronous colorectal adenoma.
    Jacobs ET; Gupta S; Baron JA; Cross AJ; Lieberman DA; Murphy G; Martínez ME
    Am J Gastroenterol; 2018 Jun; 113(6):899-905. PubMed ID: 29463834
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  • 16. The difference in association between aspirin use and other thrombocyte aggregation inhibitors and survival in patients with colorectal cancer.
    Frouws MA; Rademaker E; Bastiaannet E; van Herk-Sukel MPP; Lemmens VE; Van de Velde CJH; Portielje JEA; Liefers GJ
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 May; 77():24-30. PubMed ID: 28350995
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  • 17. A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of MicroRNAs for Predicting colorectal cancer.
    Yan L; Zhao W; Yu H; Wang Y; Liu Y; Xie C
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2016 Mar; 95(9):e2738. PubMed ID: 26945359
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  • 18. Decreased Risk of colorectal cancer after Colonoscopy in Patients 76-85 Years Old in the United States.
    Wang YR; Cangemi JR; Loftus EV; Picco MF
    Digestion; 2016; 93(2):132-8. PubMed ID: 26636320
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  • 19. Metformin use and risk of colorectal adenoma after polypectomy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
    Marks AR; Pietrofesa RA; Jensen CD; Zebrowski A; Corley DA; Doubeni CA
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 2015 Nov; 24(11):1692-8. PubMed ID: 26377195
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  • 20. Location of colon cancer (right-sided versus left-sided) as a prognostic factor and a predictor of benefit from cetuximab in NCIC CO.17.
    Brulé SY; Jonker DJ; Karapetis CS; O'Callaghan CJ; Moore MJ; Wong R; Tebbutt NC; Underhill C; Yip D; Zalcberg JR; Tu D; Goodwin RA
    Eur J Cancer; 2015 Jul; 51(11):1405-14. PubMed ID: 25979833
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