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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND CCND1, BCL1, 595, ENSG00000110092, PRAD1, U21B31, D11S287E AND Clinical Outcome
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  • 1. Histone methyltransferase SETDB1 promotes colorectal cancer proliferation through the STAT1-ccnd1/CDK6 axis.
    Yu L; Ye F; Li YY; Zhan YZ; Liu Y; Yan HM; Fang Y; Xie YW; Zhang FJ; Chen LH; Ding Y; Chen KL
    Carcinogenesis; 2020 Jul; 41(5):678-688. PubMed ID: 31306481
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  • 2. Histone trimethylation at H3K4, H3K9 and H4K20 correlates with patient survival and tumor recurrence in early-stage colon cancer.
    Benard A; Goossens-Beumer IJ; van Hoesel AQ; de Graaf W; Horati H; Putter H; Zeestraten EC; van de Velde CJ; Kuppen PJ
    BMC Cancer; 2014 Jul; 14():531. PubMed ID: 25047223
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  • 3. The cyclin D1 (ccnd1) rs9344 G>A polymorphism predicts clinical outcome in colon cancer patients treated with adjuvant 5-FU-based chemotherapy.
    Absenger G; Benhaim L; Szkandera J; Zhang W; Yang D; Labonte MJ; Pichler M; Stotz M; Samonigg H; Renner W; Gerger A; Lenz HJ
    Pharmacogenomics J; 2014 Apr; 14(2):130-4. PubMed ID: 23567490
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  • 4. HER2, TOP2A, ccnd1, EGFR and C-MYC oncogene amplification in colorectal cancer.
    Al-Kuraya K; Novotny H; Bavi P; Siraj AK; Uddin S; Ezzat A; Sanea NA; Al-Dayel F; Al-Mana H; Sheikh SS; Mirlacher M; Tapia C; Simon R; Sauter G; Terracciano L; Tornillo L
    J Clin Pathol; 2007 Jul; 60(7):768-72. PubMed ID: 16882699
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  • 5. Cyclin D1 and epidermal growth factor polymorphisms associated with survival in patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with Cetuximab.
    Zhang W; Gordon M; Press OA; Rhodes K; Vallböhmer D; Yang DY; Park D; Fazzone W; Schultheis A; Sherrod AE; Iqbal S; Groshen S; Lenz HJ
    Pharmacogenet Genomics; 2006 Jul; 16(7):475-83. PubMed ID: 16788380
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  • 6. Molecular determinants of cetuximab efficacy.
    Vallböhmer D; Zhang W; Gordon M; Yang DY; Yun J; Press OA; Rhodes KE; Sherrod AE; Iqbal S; Danenberg KD; Groshen S; Lenz HJ
    J Clin Oncol; 2005 May; 23(15):3536-44. PubMed ID: 15908664
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  • 7. Flow cytometric DNA analysis is useful in detecting multiple genetic alterations in squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus.
    Watanabe M; Kuwano H; Tanaka S; Toh Y; Sadanaga N; Sugimachi K
    Cancer; 1999 Jun; 85(11):2322-8. PubMed ID: 10357400
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