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  • 1. Evaluating the role of wound-healing genes in conjunction with stool routine and serum tumor markers for colorectal cancer diagnosis and prognostic implications.
    Yu K; Fang X
    Int Wound J; 2024 Mar; 21(3):e14768. PubMed ID: 38446012
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  • 2. Serum Tumor Markers and Outcomes in Patients With Appendiceal Adenocarcinoma.
    Yousef A; Yousef M; Zeineddine MA; More A; Fanaeian M; Chowdhury S; Knafl M; Edelkamp P; Ito I; Gu Y; Pattalachinti V; Naini ZA; Zeineddine FA; Peterson J; Alfaro K; Foo WC; Jin J; Bhutiani N; Higbie V; Scally CP; Kee B; Kopetz S; Goldstein D; Strach M; Williamson A; Aziz O; Barriuso J; Uppal A; White MG; Helmink B; Fournier KF; Raghav KP; Taggart MW; Overman MJ; Shen JP
    JAMA Netw Open; 2024 Feb; 7(2):e240260. PubMed ID: 38416491
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  • 3. Development and validation of comprehensive nomograms from the SEER database for predicting early mortality in metastatic rectal cancer patients.
    Li Y; Tao T; Liu Y
    BMC Gastroenterol; 2024 Feb; 24(1):89. PubMed ID: 38408896
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  • 4. Value of combined serum cea, CA72-4, and CA19-9 marker detection in diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
    Kildusiene I; Dulskas A; Smailyte G
    Tech Coloproctol; 2024 Feb; 28(1):33. PubMed ID: 38358422
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  • 5. [A Case of Sigmoid Colon cancer with Simultaneous Solitary Adrenal Metastasis Refractory to Preoperative diagnosis].
    Saito T; Shibutani M; Fukuoka T; Kasashima H; Kitayama K; Tamura T; Toyokawa T; Ree S; Tanaka H; Kato M; Hirayama Y; Matsue T; Masuda K; Uchida J; Maeda K
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2023 Dec; 50(13):1557-1559. PubMed ID: 38303340
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  • 6. [A Case of Long-Term Survival with Metachronous Hepatic and Pulmonary Metastases from Transverse Colon cancer by Multidisciplinary Treatment].
    Hara T; Okano M; Hata T; Takayama O; Kim Y; Imamoto H; Hasegawa J
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2023 Dec; 50(13):1857-1859. PubMed ID: 38303231
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  • 7. Serum IGFBP-1 as a promising diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for colorectal cancer.
    Huang BL; Wei LF; Lin YW; Huang LS; Qu QQ; Li XH; Chu LY; Xu YW; Wang WD; Peng YH; Wu FC
    Sci Rep; 2024 Jan; 14(1):1839. PubMed ID: 38246959
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  • 8. A novel microfluidic chip-based digital PCR method for enhanced sensitivity in the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer via mSEPT9.
    Huang Q; Xun Z; Lin J; Xie R; Zhu C; Wang L; Shang H; Wu S; Ou Q; Liu C
    Clin Chim Acta; 2024 Feb; 554():117781. PubMed ID: 38224929
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  • 9. Assessment of long noncoding RNA CCAT1 using real time-polymerase chain reaction in colorectal cancer patients.
    Mahmoud AA; Mohamed HO; Shehata MR; Refae AAS; Abd El Salam MH; Seddik MI
    Egypt J Immunol; 2024 Jan; 31(1):106-115. PubMed ID: 38224275
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  • 10. The combined detection of hematological indicators is used for the differential diagnosis of colorectal cancer and benign-colorectal lesions.
    Zhang X; Wu YY; Qin YY; Lin FQ
    Cancer Biomark; 2024; 39(3):223-230. PubMed ID: 38217586
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  • 11. [Construction of a fecal protein Luminex liquid chip detection system for early diagnosis of colorectal tumors].
    Li J; Yin L; Zhang M; Xia Y; Zuo L; Liu M; Hu J
    Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao; 2023 Nov; 43(11):1874-1880. PubMed ID: 38081604
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  • 12. Hsa_circ_0124554 may serve as a biomarker for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer: An observational study.
    Li K; Li T; Yu Z; Yuan Q; Qing Y
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2023 Dec; 102(48):e36353. PubMed ID: 38050241
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  • 13. Combinational antibody detection approach increases the clinical validity of colorectal cancer screening.
    Kobayashi S; Hiwasa T; Kitamura K; Kano M; Hoshino T; Hirano S; Hashimoto M; Seimiya M; Shimada H; Nomura F; Matsubara H; Matsushita K
    J Clin Lab Anal; 2023 Nov; 37(21-22):e24978. PubMed ID: 37964630
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  • 14. Endoscopic Rectal Ultrasound-Based Radiomics Analysis for the Prediction of Synchronous Liver Metastasis in Patients With Primary Rectal cancer.
    Mou M; Gao R; Wu Y; Lin P; Yin H; Chen F; Huang F; Wen R; Yang H; He Y
    J Ultrasound Med; 2024 Feb; 43(2):361-373. PubMed ID: 37950599
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  • 15. Leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor B2 overexpression as a promising therapeutic target and noninvasive screening biomarker for colorectal cancer.
    Wang QQ; Zhou L; Qin G; Tan C; Zhou YC; Yao SK
    World J Gastroenterol; 2023 Oct; 29(37):5313-5326. PubMed ID: 37899785
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  • 16. The Leser-Trélat Sign in a Patient with Gastric Adenocarcinoma.
    Geber A; Hadžavdić A; Ljubojević Hadžavdić S
    Acta Dermatovenerol Croat; 2023 Aug; 31(1):51-52. PubMed ID: 37843094
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  • 17. Chemical Proteomic Approach for In-Depth Glycosylation Profiling of Plasma Carcinoembryonic Antigen in cancer Patients.
    Chen J; Yang L; Li C; Zhang L; Gao W; Xu R; Tian R
    Mol Cell Proteomics; 2023 Nov; 22(11):100662. PubMed ID: 37820924
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  • 18. Predicting survival and prognosis in early-onset locally advanced colon cancer: a retrospective observational study.
    Chen B; Ma Y; Zhou J; Gao S; Yu W; Yang Y; Wang Y; Ren J; Wang D
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2023 Oct; 38(1):250. PubMed ID: 37804327
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  • 19. The value of serum methylated septin 9 and carcinoembryonic antigen in efficacy evaluation and follow-up monitoring of colorectal cancer.
    Gao H; Zhu ZQ; Wusiman L; Wujieke A; Zhang WB
    Ann Ital Chir; 2023; 94():384-391. PubMed ID: 37794798
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  • 20. Value of biplane transrectal ultrasonography plus micro-flow imaging in preoperative T staging and rectal cancer diagnosis in combination with cea/CA199 and MRI.
    Xia Q; Cheng W; Bi J; Ren AP; Chen X; Li T
    BMC Cancer; 2023 Sep; 23(1):860. PubMed ID: 37700269
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