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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND CUX1, ENSG00000160967, P39880, p75, p200, p110, p100, Nbla10317, CUX, COY1, CDP, CASP, 1523 AND Prognosis
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  • 1. Role of PAX6, TRPA1, BCL11B, MCOLN2, cux1, EMX1 in colorectal cancer and osteosarcoma.
    Zhang J; Gao Q; Hou S; Chi X; Zheng M; Zhang Q; Shan H; Zhang X; Kang C
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2024 Feb; 103(5):e37056. PubMed ID: 38306561
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  • 2. G-protein coupled receptor 34 regulates the proliferation and growth of LS174T cells through differential expression of PI3K subunits and PTEN.
    Zuo B; Wu N; Yang S; Zhong Z; Li M; Yu X; Liu Y; Yu W
    Mol Biol Rep; 2022 Apr; 49(4):2629-2639. PubMed ID: 34997428
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  • 3. Long-term outcomes of colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection in elderly patients.
    Takahashi Y; Mizuno KI; Takahashi K; Sato H; Hashimoto S; Takeuchi M; Kobayashi M; Yokoyama J; Sato Y; Terai S
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2017 Apr; 32(4):567-573. PubMed ID: 27900464
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  • 4. Association between main caspase gene polymorphisms and the susceptibility and prognosis of colorectal cancer.
    Wu Z; Li Y; Li S; Zhu L; Li G; Yu Z; Zhao X; Ge J; Cui B; Dong X; Tian S; Hu F; Zhao Y
    Med Oncol; 2013; 30(3):565. PubMed ID: 23715747
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  • 5. Long-term prognostic value of detection of circulating colorectal cancer cells using CGM2 reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction assay.
    Douard R; Wind P; Sales JP; Landi B; Berger A; Benichou J; Gayral F; Loric S; Cugnenc PH
    Surgery; 2006 Apr; 139(4):556-62. PubMed ID: 16627067
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