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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND CYLD, CYLD1, 1540, ENSG00000083799, USPL2, KIAA0849, CYLDI, CDMT, HSPC057, FLJ31664, FLJ20180, EAC AND Treatment
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  • 1. SOX4 induces drug resistance of colorectal cancer cells by downregulating cyld through transcriptional activation of microRNA-17.
    Pan S; Bao D; Li Y; Liu D; Quan S; Wang R
    J Biochem Mol Toxicol; 2022 Jan; 36(1):e22910. PubMed ID: 34927777
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  • 2. Asparagus racemosus and Geodorum densiflorum lectins induce apoptosis in cancer cells by altering proteins and genes expression.
    Kabir SR; Islam J; Ahamed MS; Alam MT
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2021 Nov; 191():646-656. PubMed ID: 34582909
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  • 3. Whole Grain Intakes Are Associated with Healthcare Cost Savings Following Reductions in Risk of colorectal cancer and Total cancer Mortality in Australia: A Cost-of-Illness Model.
    Abdullah MMH; Hughes J; Grafenauer S
    Nutrients; 2021 Aug; 13(9):. PubMed ID: 34578860
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  • 4. Pre-treatment tumor-infiltrating T cells influence response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in esophageal adenocarcinoma.
    Goedegebuure RSA; Harrasser M; de Klerk LK; van Schooten TS; van Grieken NCT; Eken M; Grifhorst MS; Pocorni N; Jordanova ES; van Berge Henegouwen MI; Pouw RE; Verheul HMW; van der Vliet JJ; van Laarhoven HWM; Thijssen VLJL; Bass AJ; De Gruijl TD; Derks S
    Oncoimmunology; 2021; 10(1):1954807. PubMed ID: 34377591
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  • 5. Circulating Hybrid Cells: A Novel Liquid Biomarker of treatment Response in Gastrointestinal cancers.
    Walker BS; Sutton TL; Zarour L; Hunter JG; Wood SG; Tsikitis VL; Herzig DO; Lopez CD; Chen EY; Mayo SC; Wong MH
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2021 Dec; 28(13):8567-8578. PubMed ID: 34365557
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  • 6. Irreversible JNK blockade overcomes PD-L1-mediated resistance to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer.
    Sun L; Patai ÁV; Hogenson TL; Fernandez-Zapico ME; Qin B; Sinicrope FA
    Oncogene; 2021 Aug; 40(32):5105-5115. PubMed ID: 34193942
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  • 7. Doxorubicin sensitizes cancer cells to Smac mimetic via synergistic activation of the cyld/RIPK1/FADD/caspase-8-dependent apoptosis.
    Yang C; Ran Q; Zhou Y; Liu S; Zhao C; Yu X; Zhu F; Ji Y; Du Q; Yang T; Zhang W; He S
    Apoptosis; 2020 Jun; 25(5-6):441-455. PubMed ID: 32418059
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  • 8. Utilization and treatment Patterns of Cytoreduction Surgery and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in the United States.
    Ellis RJ; Schlick CJR; Yang AD; Barber EL; Bilimoria KY; Merkow RP
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2020 Jan; 27(1):214-221. PubMed ID: 31187369
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  • 9. External auditory canal lesion: colorectal metastatic adenocarcinoma.
    James A; Karandikar S; Baijal S
    BMJ Case Rep; 2018 Sep; 2018():. PubMed ID: 30249727
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  • 10. Molecular targeting of breast and colon cancer cells by PAR1 mediated apoptosis through a novel pro-apoptotic peptide.
    Ray T; Kar D; Pal A; Mukherjee S; Das C; Pal A
    Apoptosis; 2018 Dec; 23(11-12):679-694. PubMed ID: 30196356
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  • 11. Poorly Differentiated Clusters Predict a Poor Prognosis for External Auditory Canal Carcinoma.
    Miyazaki M; Aoki M; Okado Y; Koga K; Hamasaki M; Kiyomi F; Sakata T; Nakagawa T; Nabeshima K
    Head Neck Pathol; 2019 Jun; 13(2):198-207. PubMed ID: 29846906
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  • 12. Phase II Study of Irinotecan Plus Panitumumab as Second-Line Therapy for Patients with Advanced Esophageal Adenocarcinoma.
    Yoon H; Karapetyan L; Choudhary A; Kosozi R; Bali GS; Zaidi AH; Atasoy A; Forastiere AA; Gibson MK
    Oncologist; 2018 Sep; 23(9):1004-e102. PubMed ID: 29769385
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  • 13. 5-Fluorouracil upregulates cell surface B7-H1 (PD-L1) expression in gastrointestinal cancers.
    Van Der Kraak L; Goel G; Ramanan K; Kaltenmeier C; Zhang L; Normolle DP; Freeman GJ; Tang D; Nason KS; Davison JM; Luketich JD; Dhupar R; Lotze MT
    J Immunother Cancer; 2016; 4():65. PubMed ID: 27777774
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  • 14. [Aspirin in primary and secondary prevention of colorectal carcinomas].
    Schrör K; Rauch B
    Med Monatsschr Pharm; 2013 Nov; 36(11):411-21. PubMed ID: 24640118
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  • 15. The LEF1/cyld axis and cIAPs regulate RIP1 deubiquitination and trigger apoptosis in selenite-treated colorectal cancer cells.
    Wu P; Shi KJ; An JJ; Ci YL; Li F; Hui KY; Yang Y; Xu CM
    Cell Death Dis; 2014 Feb; 5(2):e1085. PubMed ID: 24577083
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  • 16. Rectal carcinoma under 40 years of age: seven-year post-treatment follow-up at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan.
    Haroon N; Khan S; Alvi R
    J Pak Med Assoc; 2013 Dec; 63(12):1460-3. PubMed ID: 24397084
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  • 17. The use of Oxaliplatin or Mitomycin C in HIPEC treatment for peritoneal carcinomatosis from colorectal cancer: a comparative study.
    Hompes D; D'Hoore A; Wolthuis A; Fieuws S; Mirck B; Bruin S; Verwaal V
    J Surg Oncol; 2014 May; 109(6):527-32. PubMed ID: 24375059
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  • 18. Mechanisms of obesity-induced gastrointestinal neoplasia.
    Alemán JO; Eusebi LH; Ricciardiello L; Patidar K; Sanyal AJ; Holt PR
    Gastroenterology; 2014 Feb; 146(2):357-373. PubMed ID: 24315827
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  • 19. Impact of Schwartz enhanced visualization solution on staging colorectal cancer and clinicopathological features associated with lymph node count.
    Chapman B; Paquette C; Tooke C; Schwartz M; Osler T; Weaver D; Wilcox R; Hyman N
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2013 Sep; 56(9):1028-35. PubMed ID: 23929011
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  • 20. Epidermal growth factor receptor, phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase catalytic subunit/PTEN, and KRAS/NRAS/BRAF in primary resected esophageal adenocarcinomas: loss of PTEN is associated with worse clinical outcome.
    Bettstetter M; Berezowska S; Keller G; Walch A; Feuchtinger A; Slotta-Huspenina J; Feith M; Drecoll E; Höfler H; Langer R
    Hum Pathol; 2013 May; 44(5):829-36. PubMed ID: 23158210
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