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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND DDIT3, CHOP, 1649, ENSG00000175197, _C/EBP zeta_, MGC4154, GADD153, CHOP10, P35638 AND Treatment
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  • 1. Esculin induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and drives apoptosis and ferroptosis in colorectal cancer via PERK regulating eIF2α/chop and Nrf2/HO-1 cascades.
    Ji X; Chen Z; Lin W; Wu Q; Wu Y; Hong Y; Tong H; Wang C; Zhang Y
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 Jun; 328():118139. PubMed ID: 38561058
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  • 2. Melittin as an Activator of the Autophagy and Unfolded Protein Response Pathways in colorectal HCT116 Cell Line.
    Zamani M; Bozorg-Ghalati F; Mokarram P
    Iran Biomed J; 2024 Jan; 28(1):46-52. PubMed ID: 38445441
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  • 3. Curcumin affects apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells through ATF6-mediated endoplasmic reticulum stress.
    Xu W; Shen Y
    Chem Biol Drug Des; 2024 Jan; 103(1):e14433. PubMed ID: 38230779
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  • 4. FBXO5-mediated RNF183 degradation prevents endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis and promotes colon cancer progression.
    Ji J; Jing A; Ding Y; Ma X; Qian Q; Geng T; Cheng W; Zhang M; Sun Q; Ma S; Wang X; Yuan Q; Xu M; Qin J; Ma L; Yang J; He J; Du Q; Xia M; Xu Y; Chen Z; Zhu L; Liu W; Liu S; Liu B
    Cell Death Dis; 2024 Jan; 15(1):33. PubMed ID: 38212299
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  • 5. Triggering of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress by Tannic Acid Inhibits the Proliferation and Migration of colorectal cancer Cells.
    Shahabi Nejad F; Karami H; Darvish M
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2023 Aug; 24(8):2705-2711. PubMed ID: 37642057
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  • 6. Furanocoumarin Notopterol: Inhibition of Hepatocellular Carcinogenesis through Suppression of cancer Stemness Signaling and Induction of Oxidative Stress-Associated Cell Death.
    Huang TY; Yang CK; Chen MY; Yadav VK; Fong IH; Yeh CT; Cherng YG
    Nutrients; 2023 May; 15(11):. PubMed ID: 37299411
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  • 7. Seven bacterial response-related genes are biomarkers for colon cancer.
    Xiong Z; Li W; Luo X; Lin Y; Huang W; Zhang S
    BMC Bioinformatics; 2023 Mar; 24(1):103. PubMed ID: 36941538
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  • 8. [Laparoscopic treatment of deeply infiltrating colorectal endometriosis - ten years of single center experience].
    Miklós D; Dobó N; Csibi N; Brubel R; Szabó G; Ács N; Bokor A
    Orv Hetil; 2023 Mar; 164(9):348-354. PubMed ID: 36871263
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  • 9. Intense endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) / IRE1α enhanced Oxaliplatin efficacy by decreased ABCC10 in colorectal cancer cells.
    Liu X; Wu B; Chen H; Sun H; Guo X; Sun T; Zhou D; Yang S
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Dec; 22(1):1369. PubMed ID: 36585626
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  • 10. Metabolic targeting of NRF2 potentiates the efficacy of the TRAP1 inhibitor G-TPP through reduction of ROS detoxification in colorectal cancer.
    Tsai HY; Bronner MP; March JK; Valentine JF; Shroyer NF; Lai LA; Brentnall TA; Pan S; Chen R
    Cancer Lett; 2022 Nov; 549():215915. PubMed ID: 36113636
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  • 11. Epigenetic Silencing of chop Expression by the Histone Methyltransferase EHMT1 Regulates Apoptosis in colorectal cancer Cells.
    Kim K; Ryu TY; Lee J; Son MY; Kim DS; Kim SK; Cho HS
    Mol Cells; 2022 Sep; 45(9):622-630. PubMed ID: 35748228
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  • 12. Synchronous colonic B cell lymphoma and adenocarcinoma in an elderly patient treated with R-mini-chop followed by resection.
    Schep D; Van Koughnett JA; Velker V; Correa RJM
    BMJ Case Rep; 2022 May; 15(5):. PubMed ID: 35508353
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  • 13. Osthole Exerts Inhibitory Effects on Hypoxic Colon cancer Cells via EIF2[Formula: see text] Phosphorylation-mediated Apoptosis and Regulation of HIF-1[Formula: see text].
    Peng KY; Chou TC
    Am J Chin Med; 2022; 50(2):621-637. PubMed ID: 35114913
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  • 14. OSMI-1 Enhances TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis through ER Stress and NF-κB Signaling in Colon cancer Cells.
    Lee SJ; Lee DE; Choi SY; Kwon OS
    Int J Mol Sci; 2021 Oct; 22(20):. PubMed ID: 34681736
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  • 15. A Novel Mechanism of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress- and c-Myc-Degradation-Mediated Therapeutic Benefits of Antineurokinin-1 Receptor Drugs in colorectal cancer.
    Shi Y; Wang X; Meng Y; Ma J; Zhang Q; Shao G; Wang L; Cheng X; Hong X; Wang Y; Yan Z; Cao Y; Kang J; Fu C
    Adv Sci (Weinh); 2021 Nov; 8(21):e2101936. PubMed ID: 34605226
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  • 16. The HDAC1 Inhibitor CBUD-1001 Enhances TRAIL-induced Apoptosis in colorectal cancer Cells.
    Shin MW; Kim SL; Yang HC; Yim SK; Seo SY; Lee ST; Kim HK; Kim SW
    Anticancer Res; 2021 Sep; 41(9):4353-4364. PubMed ID: 34475055
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  • 17. Carfilzomib Promotes the Unfolded Protein Response and Apoptosis in Cetuximab-Resistant colorectal cancer.
    Zulkifli A; Tan FH; Areeb Z; Stuart SF; Gomez J; Paradiso L; Luwor RB
    Int J Mol Sci; 2021 Jul; 22(13):. PubMed ID: 34281166
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  • 18. Real-world emetic risk of chemotherapy and the corresponding antiemetic therapy in Japan: A study based on a nationwide database.
    Okuyama A; Boku N; Higashi T
    Cancer Rep (Hoboken); 2022 Mar; 5(3):e1482. PubMed ID: 34176233
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  • 19. Microarray analysis reveals ONC201 mediated differential mechanisms of chop gene regulation in metastatic and nonmetastatic colorectal cancer cells.
    Al Madhoun A; Haddad D; Al Tarrah M; Jacob S; Al-Ali W; Nizam R; Miranda L; Al-Rashed F; Sindhu S; Ahmad R; Bitar MS; Al-Mulla F
    Sci Rep; 2021 Jun; 11(1):11893. PubMed ID: 34088951
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  • 20. Multiple primary malignancies: synchronous lymphoma, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour and colorectal cancer.
    Dayer N; Fasquelle F; Salati E; Dietrich G
    BMJ Case Rep; 2021 Jun; 14(6):. PubMed ID: 34088689
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