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  • 1. Factors associated with sexual dysfunction in patients with colorectal cancer in Iran: a cross-sectional study.
    Dahouri A; Sahebihagh MH; Gilani N
    Sci Rep; 2024 Feb; 14(1):4915. PubMed ID: 38418573
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  • 2. Musashi-2 potentiates colorectal cancer immune infiltration by regulating the post-translational modifications of HMGB1 to promote DCs maturation and migration.
    Meng X; Na R; Peng X; Li H; Ouyang W; Zhou W; You X; Li Y; Pu X; Zhang K; Xia J; Wang J; Tang H; Zhuang G; Peng Z
    Cell Commun Signal; 2024 Feb; 22(1):117. PubMed ID: 38347600
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  • 3. [Analysis of clinicopathological features and prognosis of sporadic synchronous multiple primary colorectal cancers].
    Qin ZF; Xu GH; Zhou SQ; Zheng PW; Zhu YP; Ju HX; Li DC; Ma DN
    Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi; 2023 Dec; 26(12):1171-1178. PubMed ID: 38110279
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  • 4. Inhibition of CREB Binding and Function with a Dual-Targeting Ligand.
    Liu Y; Joy ST; Henley MJ; Croskey A; Yates JA; Merajver SD; Mapp AK
    Biochemistry; 2024 Jan; 63(1):1-8. PubMed ID: 38086054
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  • 5. MiR-26a-5p exerts its influence by targeting ep300, a molecule known for its role in activating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway in CD8+tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes of colorectal cancer.
    Wang C; Lin H; Zhao W; Liang Y; Chen Y; Wang C
    Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand); 2023 Nov; 69(12):232-241. PubMed ID: 38063089
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  • 6. Transcriptome and proteome analysis reveals the anti-cancer properties of Hypnea musciformis marine macroalga extract in liver and intestinal cancer cells.
    Begolli R; Chatziangelou M; Samiotaki M; Goutas A; Barda S; Goutzourelas N; Kevrekidis DP; Malea P; Trachana V; Liu M; Lin X; Kollatos N; Stagos D; Giakountis A
    Hum Genomics; 2023 Jul; 17(1):71. PubMed ID: 37525271
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  • 7. p300 increases CSNK2A1 expression which accelerates colorectal cancer progression through activation of the PI3K-AKT-mTOR axis.
    Liu J
    Exp Cell Res; 2023 Sep; 430(1):113694. PubMed ID: 37391010
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  • 8. Glutamate dehydrogenase1 supports HIF-1α stability to promote colorectal tumorigenesis under hypoxia.
    Hu K; Ding Y; Zhu H; Jing X; He W; Yu H; Wang X
    EMBO J; 2023 Jun; 42(12):e112675. PubMed ID: 37092319
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  • 9. Imatinib blocks tyrosine phosphorylation of Smad4 and restores TGF-β growth-suppressive signaling in BCR-ABL1-positive leukemia.
    Wang L; Gu S; Chen F; Yu Y; Cao J; Li X; Gao C; Chen Y; Yuan S; Liu X; Qin J; Zhao B; Xu P; Liang T; Tong H; Lin X; Feng XH
    Signal Transduct Target Ther; 2023 Mar; 8(1):120. PubMed ID: 36959211
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  • 10. Bacterial infection promotes tumorigenesis of colorectal cancer via regulating CDC42 acetylation.
    Wang DN; Ni JJ; Li JH; Gao YQ; Ni FJ; Zhang ZZ; Fang JY; Lu J; Yao YF
    PLoS Pathog; 2023 Feb; 19(2):e1011189. PubMed ID: 36812247
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  • 11. Targeting KRAS-mutant stomach/colorectal tumors by disrupting the ERK2-p53 complex.
    Wang X; Xie Q; Ji Y; Yang J; Shen J; Peng F; Zhang Y; Jiang F; Kong X; Ma W; Liu D; Zheng L; Qing C; Lang JY
    Cell Rep; 2023 Jan; 42(1):111972. PubMed ID: 36641751
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  • 12. Racial/Ethnic and Sex Differences in Somatic cancer Gene Mutations among Patients with Early-Onset colorectal cancer.
    Holowatyj AN; Wen W; Gibbs T; Seagle HM; Keller SR; Edwards DRV; Washington MK; Eng C; Perea J; Zheng W; Guo X
    Cancer Discov; 2023 Mar; 13(3):570-579. PubMed ID: 36520636
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  • 13. CXCL1 promotes colon cancer progression through activation of NF-κB/p300 signaling pathway.
    Zhuo C; Ruan Q; Zhao X; Shen Y; Lin R
    Biol Direct; 2022 Nov; 17(1):34. PubMed ID: 36434686
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  • 14. Systematic Analysis of CXC Chemokine-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A Network in Colonic Adenocarcinoma from the Perspective of Angiogenesis.
    Situ Y; Lu X; Cui Y; Xu Q; Deng L; Lin H; Shao Z; Chen J
    Biomed Res Int; 2022; 2022():5137301. PubMed ID: 36246978
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  • 15. A genetic map of the chromatin regulators to drug response in cancer cells.
    Chen B; Li P; Liu M; Liu K; Zou M; Geng Y; Zhuang S; Xu H; Wang L; Chen T; Li Y; Zhao Z; Qi L; Gu Y
    J Transl Med; 2022 Sep; 20(1):438. PubMed ID: 36180906
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  • 16. Sirtuin1 (SIRT1) is involved in the anticancer effect of black raspberry anthocyanins in colorectal cancer.
    Chen L; Li M; Zhou H; Liu Y; Pang W; Ma T; Niu C; Yang Z; Chang AK; Li X; Bi X
    Eur J Nutr; 2023 Feb; 62(1):395-406. PubMed ID: 36056948
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  • 17. CRNDE acts as an epigenetic modulator of the p300/YY1 complex to promote HCC progression and therapeutic resistance.
    Liu YC; Lin YH; Chi HC; Huang PS; Liao CJ; Liou YS; Lin CC; Yu CJ; Yeh CT; Huang YH; Lin KH
    Clin Epigenetics; 2022 Aug; 14(1):106. PubMed ID: 35999564
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  • 18. DBC1 is a key positive regulator of enhancer epigenomic writers KMT2D and p300.
    Kim HJ; Moon SJ; Hong S; Won HH; Kim JH
    Nucleic Acids Res; 2022 Aug; 50(14):7873-7888. PubMed ID: 35801925
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  • 19. CREB1 contributes colorectal cancer cell plasticity by regulating lncRNA CCAT1 and NF-κB pathways.
    Li B; Zheng L; Ye J; Zhang C; Zhou J; Huang Q; Guo Y; Wang L; Yu P; Liu S; Lin Q; Luo Y; Zhou H; Yang J; Qu L
    Sci China Life Sci; 2022 Aug; 65(8):1481-1497. PubMed ID: 35696016
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  • 20. Factors predicting occurrence and therapeutic choice in malignant colorectal polyps: a study of 13 years of colonoscopic polypectomy.
    Cazacu SM; Săftoiu A; Iordache S; Ghiluşi MC; Georgescu CV; Iovănescu VF; Neagoe CD; Streba L; Caliţa M; Burtea ED; Cârţu D; Leru PM
    Rom J Morphol Embryol; 2021; 62(4):917-928. PubMed ID: 35673811
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