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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND ERBB3, c-erbB3, 2065, P21860, p180-ErbB3, c-erbB-3, ErbB-3, MDA-BF-1, HER3, p85-sErbB3, MGC88033, p45-sErbB3, ENSG00000065361, erbB3-S AND Diagnosis
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  • 1. diagnosis and Treatment of ERBB2-Positive Metastatic colorectal cancer: A Review.
    Strickler JH; Yoshino T; Graham RP; Siena S; Bekaii-Saab T
    JAMA Oncol; 2022 May; 8(5):760-769. PubMed ID: 35238866
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  • 2. Molecular characterization of colorectal adenomas with and without malignancy reveals distinguishing genome, transcriptome and methylome alterations.
    Druliner BR; Wang P; Bae T; Baheti S; Slettedahl S; Mahoney D; Vasmatzis N; Xu H; Kim M; Bockol M; O'Brien D; Grill D; Warner N; Munoz-Gomez M; Kossick K; Johnson R; Mouchli M; Felmlee-Devine D; Washechek-Aletto J; Smyrk T; Oberg A; Wang J; Chia N; Abyzov A; Ahlquist D; Boardman LA
    Sci Rep; 2018 Feb; 8(1):3161. PubMed ID: 29453410
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  • 3. Clinical manifestations and STK11 germline mutations in Taiwanese patients with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome.
    Chiang JM; Chen TC
    Asian J Surg; 2018 Sep; 41(5):480-485. PubMed ID: 28869103
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  • 4. Immuno-PET Imaging of her3 in a Model in which her3 Signaling Plays a Critical Role.
    Yuan Q; Furukawa T; Tashiro T; Okita K; Jin ZH; Aung W; Sugyo A; Nagatsu K; Endo H; Tsuji AB; Zhang MR; Masuko T; Inoue M; Fujibayashi Y; Saga T
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(11):e0143076. PubMed ID: 26571416
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  • 5. cancer-related CD15/FUT4 overexpression decreases benefit to agents targeting EGFR or VEGF acting as a novel RAF-MEK-ERK kinase downstream regulator in metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Giordano G; Febbraro A; Tomaselli E; Sarnicola ML; Parcesepe P; Parente D; Forte N; Fabozzi A; Remo A; Bonetti A; Manfrin E; Ghasemi S; Ceccarelli M; Cerulo L; Bazzoni F; Pancione M
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2015 Oct; 34():108. PubMed ID: 26427914
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  • 6. Pyrosequencing-Based Assays for Rapid Detection of HER2 and her3 Mutations in Clinical Samples Uncover an E332E Mutation Affecting her3 in Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma.
    González-Alonso P; Chamizo C; Moreno V; Madoz-Gúrpide J; Carvajal N; Daoud L; Zazo S; Martín-Aparicio E; Cristóbal I; Rincón R; García-Foncillas J; Rojo F
    Int J Mol Sci; 2015 Aug; 16(8):19447-57. PubMed ID: 26287187
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