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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND ERCC2, TTD, 2068, ENSG00000104884, COFS2, P18074, MGC102762, XPD, MGC126219, MGC126218, EM9 AND Treatment
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  • 1. Understanding apoptotic induction by Sargentodoxa cuneata-Patrinia villosa herb pair via PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling in colorectal cancer cells using network pharmacology and cellular studies.
    Mu BX; Li Y; Ye N; Liu S; Zou X; Qian J; Wu C; Zhuang Y; Chen M; Zhou JY
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 Jan; 319(Pt 3):117342. PubMed ID: 37879505
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  • 2. Interdisciplinary Spanish consensus on a watch-and-wait approach for rectal cancer.
    Safont MJ; García-Figueiras R; Hernando-Requejo O; Jimenez-Rodriguez R; Lopez-Vicente J; Machado I; Ayuso JR; Bustamante-Balén M; De Torres-Olombrada MV; Domínguez Tristancho JL; Fernández-Aceñero MJ; Suarez J; Vera R
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2024 Apr; 26(4):825-835. PubMed ID: 37787973
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  • 3. Real-world evidence of trifluridine/tipiracil plus bevacizumab in metastatic colorectal cancer using an administrative claims database in Japan.
    Kagawa Y; Shinozaki E; Okude R; Tone T; Kunitomi Y; Nakashima M
    ESMO Open; 2023 Aug; 8(4):101614. PubMed ID: 37562196
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  • 4. Update on the management of elderly patients with colorectal cancer.
    Soler-González G; Sastre-Valera J; Viana-Alonso A; Aparicio-Urtasun J; García-Escobar I; Gómez-España MA; Guillén-Ponce C; Molina-Garrido MJ; Gironés-Sarrió R
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2024 Jan; 26(1):69-84. PubMed ID: 37498507
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  • 5. KIAA1549 promotes the development and chemoresistance of colorectal cancer by upregulating ercc2.
    Ye F; Xie Y; Lin M; Liu Y; Fang Y; Chen K; Zhang Y; Ding Y
    Mol Cell Biochem; 2024 Mar; 479(3):629-642. PubMed ID: 37140813
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  • 6. Recommendations for the optimal management of peritoneal metastases in patients with colorectal cancer: a ttd and GECOP-SEOQ expert consensus statement.
    Grávalos C; Pereira F; Vera R; Arjona-Sánchez A; Losa F; Ramos I; García-Alfonso P; Gonzalez-Bayón L; Cascales-Campos PA; Aranda E
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2023 Dec; 25(12):3378-3394. PubMed ID: 37140736
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  • 7. SEOM-GEMCAD-ttd clinical guidelines for the systemic treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (2022).
    Fernández Montes A; Alonso V; Aranda E; Élez E; García Alfonso P; Grávalos C; Maurel J; Vera R; Vidal R; Aparicio J
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2023 Sep; 25(9):2718-2731. PubMed ID: 37133732
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  • 8. [Material basis and mechanism of Huangqin Tea in prevention of colorectal cancer based on network pharmacology and molecular docking].
    Wang Y; Shen J; He Q; Yang KL; He CN; Xiao PG
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2021 Dec; 46(23):6251-6260. PubMed ID: 34951252
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  • 9. Upfront primary tumour resection and survival in synchronous metastatic colorectal cancer according to primary tumour location and RAS status: Pooled analysis of the Spanish Cooperative Group for the treatment of Digestive Tumours (ttd).
    Benavides M; Gómez-España A; García-Alfonso P; González CG; Viéitez JM; Rivera F; Safont MJ; Abad A; Sastre J; Valladares-Ayerbes M; Carrato A; González-Flores E; Robles L; Salud A; Alonso-Orduña V; Montagut C; Asensio E; Díaz-Rubio E; Aranda E;
    Eur J Surg Oncol; 2022 May; 48(5):1123-1132. PubMed ID: 34872775
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  • 10. Validation of Genetic Markers Associated with Survival in colorectal cancer Patients Treated with Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy.
    Park HA; Seibold P; Edelmann D; Benner A; Canzian F; Alwers E; Jansen L; Schneider M; Hoffmeister M; Brenner H; Chang-Claude J
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 2022 Feb; 31(2):352-361. PubMed ID: 34862210
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  • 11. Network Pharmacology Analysis to Explore the Pharmacological Mechanism of Effective Chinese Medicines in Treating Metastatic colorectal cancer using Meta-Analysis Approach.
    Zhu Y; Yu J; Zhang K; Feng Y; Guo K; Sun L; Ruan S
    Am J Chin Med; 2021; 49(8):1839-1870. PubMed ID: 34781857
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  • 12. Longitudinal change of genetic variations in cetuximab-treated metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Kim SY; Kim K; Cho SH; Chun SM; Tak E; Hong YS; Kim JE; Kim TW
    Cancer Genet; 2021 Nov; 258-259():27-36. PubMed ID: 34315006
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  • 13. Correlation Between Surrogate End Points and Overall Survival in a Multi-institutional Clinicogenomic Cohort of Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung or colorectal cancer.
    Kehl KL; Riely GJ; Lepisto EM; Lavery JA; Warner JL; LeNoue-Newton ML; Sweeney SM; Rudolph JE; Brown S; Yu C; Bedard PL; Schrag D; Panageas KS;
    JAMA Netw Open; 2021 Jul; 4(7):e2117547. PubMed ID: 34309669
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  • 14. RAS Amplification as a Negative Predictor of Benefit from Anti-EGFR-Containing Therapy Regimens in Metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Schrock AB; Lee JK; Sandhu J; Madison R; Cho-Phan C; Snider JW; Castellanos E; Venstrom JM; Fakih M
    Oncologist; 2021 Jun; 26(6):469-475. PubMed ID: 33465286
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  • 15. Phase II randomized trial of capecitabine with bevacizumab and external beam radiation therapy as preoperative treatment for patients with resectable locally advanced rectal adenocarcinoma: long term results.
    Salazar R; Capdevila J; Manzano JL; Pericay C; Martínez-Villacampa M; López C; Losa F; Safont MJ; Gómez-España A; Alonso-Orduña V; Escudero P; Gallego J; García-Paredes B; Palacios A; Biondo S; Grávalos C; Aranda E;
    BMC Cancer; 2020 Nov; 20(1):1164. PubMed ID: 33246428
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  • 16. Association of xpd Lys751Gln gene polymorphism with susceptibility and clinical outcome of colorectal cancer in Pakistani population: a case-control pharmacogenetic study.
    Gul S; Khan A; Raza A; Khan I; Ehtisham S
    Genes Genomics; 2020 Dec; 42(12):1389-1398. PubMed ID: 33025549
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  • 17. Current Options for Third-line and Beyond treatment of Metastatic colorectal cancer. Spanish ttd Group Expert Opinion.
    Fernández-Montes A; Grávalos C; Pericay C; Safont MJ; Benavides M; Élez E; García-Alfonso P; García-Paredes B; Carrato A; Aranda E
    Clin Colorectal Cancer; 2020 Sep; 19(3):165-177. PubMed ID: 32507561
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  • 18. Influence of ABCB-1, ERCC-1 and ERCC-2 gene polymorphisms on response to capecitabine and oxaliplatin (CAPOX) treatment in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients of South India.
    Varma A; Mathaiyan J; Shewade D; Dubashi B; Sunitha K
    J Clin Pharm Ther; 2020 Aug; 45(4):617-627. PubMed ID: 32399998
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  • 19. Association of DNA repair gene variants with colorectal cancer: risk, toxicity, and survival.
    Salimzadeh H; Lindskog EB; Gustavsson B; Wettergren Y; Ljungman D
    BMC Cancer; 2020 May; 20(1):409. PubMed ID: 32397974
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  • 20. Tumour location and efficacy of first-line EGFR inhibitors in
    Benavides M; Díaz-Rubio E; Carrato A; Abad A; Guillén C; Garcia-Alfonso P; Gil S; Cano MT; Safont MJ; Gravalos C; Manzano JL; Sánchez A; Alcaide J; López R; Massutí B; Sastre J; Martínez E; Escudero P; Méndez M; Aranda E
    ESMO Open; 2019; 4(6):e000599. PubMed ID: 31803504
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