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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND HLA-A, P01892, 3105, ENSG00000206503, P16188, P30447, P13746, P04439
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  • 1. Class I HLA Allele Predicted Restricted Antigenic Coverages for Fap2 Protein of Fusobacterium Nucleatum Are Associated with colorectal cancer Incidence.
    Zeddou M
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2023 Oct; 24(10):3629-3636. PubMed ID: 37898872
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  • 2. The Possible Role of Matrix Metalloprotienase-2 in the Relapse in Patients with Stage II Colon cancer Treated by Curative Surgery.
    Murray NP; Villalon R; Aedo S; Hartmann D; Rodriguez MP
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2023 Oct; 24(10):3373-3379. PubMed ID: 37898840
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  • 3. CXCL1 promotes immune escape in colorectal cancer by autophagy-mediated MHC-I degradation.
    Kong J; Xu S; Zhang P; Zhao Y
    Hum Immunol; 2023 Dec; 84(12):110716. PubMed ID: 37802708
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  • 4. Associations of HLA-C*01:02 and HLA-B*46:01 with regorafenib-induced erythema multiforme in Japanese patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Fujita KI; Matsumoto N; Murase R; Takeshima K; Ishida H; Kubota Y
    Clin Transl Sci; 2023 Oct; 16(10):1741-1747. PubMed ID: 37424405
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  • 5. RNA-seq analysis identifies transcriptomic profiles associated with anal cancer recurrence among people living with HIV.
    Ye Y; Maroney KJ; Wiener HW; Mamaeva OA; Junkins AD; Burkholder GA; Sudenga SL; Khushman M; Al Diffalha S; Bansal A; Shrestha S
    Ann Med; 2023 Dec; 55(1):2199366. PubMed ID: 37177979
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  • 6. A simple approach for detecting hla-a*02 alleles in archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples and an application example for studying cancer immunoediting.
    Witt J; Haupt S; Ahadova A; Bohaumilitzky L; Fuchs V; Ballhausen A; Przybilla MJ; Jendrusch M; Seppälä TT; Fürst D; Walle T; Busch E; Haag GM; Hüneburg R; Nattermann J; von Knebel Doeberitz M; Heuveline V; Kloor M
    HLA; 2023 Jan; 101(1):24-33. PubMed ID: 36251018
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  • 7. [Preclinical study of T cell receptor specifically reactive with
    Cheng XJ; Jiang D; Zhang LH; Wang JH; Li YZ; Zhai JH; Yan BQ; Zhang LL; Xie XW; Li ZY; Ji JF
    Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban; 2022 Oct; 54(5):884-895. PubMed ID: 36241231
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  • 8. Single CT colonography versus three rounds of faecal immunochemical test for population-based screening of colorectal cancer (SAVE): a randomised controlled trial.
    Sali L; Ventura L; Mascalchi M; Falchini M; Mallardi B; Carozzi F; Milani S; Zappa M; Grazzini G; Mantellini P
    Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2022 Nov; 7(11):1016-1023. PubMed ID: 36116454
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  • 9. Quantitative immunopeptidomics reveals a tumor stroma-specific target for T cell therapy.
    Kim GB; Fritsche J; Bunk S; Mahr A; Unverdorben F; Tosh K; Kong H; Maldini CR; Lau C; Srivatsa S; Jiang S; Glover J; Dopkin D; Zhang CX; Schuster H; Kowalewski DJ; Goldfinger V; Ott M; Fuhrmann D; Baues M; Boesmueller H; Schraeder C; Schimmack G; Song C; Hoffgaard F; Roemer M; Tsou CC; Hofmann M; Treiber T; Hutt M; Alten L; Jaworski M; Alpert A; Missel S; Reinhardt C; Singh H; Schoor O; Walter S; Wagner C; Maurer D; Weinschenk T; Riley JL
    Sci Transl Med; 2022 Aug; 14(660):eabo6135. PubMed ID: 36044599
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  • 10. Conditional Survival of Patients With Extracranial Oligometastatic Treated With Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: An International Consortium Study.
    Chen H; Badellino S; Biswas T; Dagan R; Erler D; Foote M; Poon I; Redmond KJ; Ricardi U; Sahgal A; Louie AV
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys; 2022 Dec; 114(5):902-909. PubMed ID: 35753554
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  • 11. Differential role of hla-a and HLA-B, C expression levels as prognostic markers in colon and rectal cancer.
    Michelakos T; Kontos F; Kurokawa T; Cai L; Sadagopan A; Krijgsman D; Weichert W; Durrant LG; Kuppen PJK; R Ferrone C; Ferrone S
    J Immunother Cancer; 2022 Mar; 10(3):. PubMed ID: 35277460
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  • 12. Phase I Study of Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of Tebentafusp Using a Step-Up Dosing Regimen and Expansion in Patients With Metastatic Uveal Melanoma.
    Carvajal RD; Nathan P; Sacco JJ; Orloff M; Hernandez-Aya LF; Yang J; Luke JJ; Butler MO; Stanhope S; Collins L; McAlpine C; Holland C; Abdullah SE; Sato T
    J Clin Oncol; 2022 Jun; 40(17):1939-1948. PubMed ID: 35254876
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  • 13. A carcinoembryonic antigen-specific cell therapy selectively targets tumor cells with HLA loss of heterozygosity in vitro and in vivo.
    Sandberg ML; Wang X; Martin AD; Nampe DP; Gabrelow GB; Li CZ; McElvain ME; Lee WH; Shafaattalab S; Martire S; Fisher FA; Ando Y; Liu E; Ju D; Wong LM; Xu H; Kamb A
    Sci Transl Med; 2022 Mar; 14(634):eabm0306. PubMed ID: 35235342
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  • 14. Proteasome inhibitors restore the STAT1 pathway and enhance the expression of MHC class I on human colon cancer cells.
    Liang YH; Chen KH; Tsai JH; Cheng YM; Lee CC; Kao CH; Chan KY; Chen YT; Hsu WL; Yeh KH
    J Biomed Sci; 2021 Nov; 28(1):75. PubMed ID: 34758826
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  • 15. HLA Class I Analysis Provides Insight Into the Genetic and Epigenetic Background of Immune Evasion in colorectal cancer With High Microsatellite Instability.
    Kawazu M; Ueno T; Saeki K; Sax N; Togashi Y; Kanaseki T; Chida K; Kishigami F; Sato K; Kojima S; Otsuka M; Kawazoe A; Nishinakamura H; Yuka M; Yamamoto Y; Yamashita K; Inoue S; Tanegashima T; Matsubara D; Tane K; Tanaka Y; Iinuma H; Hashiguchi Y; Hazama S; Khor SS; Tokunaga K; Tsuboi M; Niki T; Eto M; Shitara K; Torigoe T; Ishihara S; Aburatani H; Haeno H; Nishikawa H; Mano H
    Gastroenterology; 2022 Mar; 162(3):799-812. PubMed ID: 34687740
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  • 16. Heat Shock Protein 105 as an Immunotherapeutic Target for Patients With Cervical cancer.
    Nosaka K; Suzuki S; Yoshikawa T; Shimomura M; Kitami K; Yoshida K; Yoshihara M; Kikkawa F; Nakatsura T; Kajiyama H
    Anticancer Res; 2021 Oct; 41(10):4741-4751. PubMed ID: 34593423
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  • 17. Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes Target HLA-I Phosphopeptides Derived From cancer Signaling in colorectal cancer.
    Penny SA; Abelin JG; Malaker SA; Myers PT; Saeed AZ; Steadman LG; Bai DL; Ward ST; Shabanowitz J; Hunt DF; Cobbold M
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():723566. PubMed ID: 34504498
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  • 18. Antigen presentation capability and AP-1 activation accompany methotrexate-induced colon cancer cell senescence in the context of aberrant β-catenin signaling.
    Dabrowska M; Uram L; Dabrowski M; Sikora E
    Mech Ageing Dev; 2021 Jul; 197():111517. PubMed ID: 34139213
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  • 19. Expression of human leukocyte antigen class I and β2-microglobulin in colorectal cancer and its prognostic impact.
    Na HY; Park Y; Nam SK; Lee KS; Oh HK; Kim DW; Kang SB; Kim WH; Lee HS
    Cancer Sci; 2021 Jan; 112(1):91-100. PubMed ID: 33159376
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  • 20. The shared frameshift mutation landscape of microsatellite-unstable cancers suggests immunoediting during tumor evolution.
    Ballhausen A; Przybilla MJ; Jendrusch M; Haupt S; Pfaffendorf E; Seidler F; Witt J; Hernandez Sanchez A; Urban K; Draxlbauer M; Krausert S; Ahadova A; Kalteis MS; Pfuderer PL; Heid D; Stichel D; Gebert J; Bonsack M; Schott S; Bläker H; Seppälä T; Mecklin JP; Ten Broeke S; Nielsen M; Heuveline V; Krzykalla J; Benner A; Riemer AB; von Knebel Doeberitz M; Kloor M
    Nat Commun; 2020 Sep; 11(1):4740. PubMed ID: 32958755
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