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  • 1. Predictive significance of FGFR4 p.G388R polymorphism in metastatic colorectal cancer patients receiving trifluridine/tipiracil (TAS-102) treatment.
    Ottaiano A; Santorsola M; Ianniello M; Ceccarelli A; Casillo M; Sabbatino F; Petrillo N; Cascella M; Caraglia F; Picone C; Perri F; Sirica R; Zappavigna S; Nasti G; Savarese G; Caraglia M
    J Transl Med; 2024 Apr; 22(1):379. PubMed ID: 38650006
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  • 2. Regorafenib and glioblastoma: a literature review of preclinical studies, molecular mechanisms and clinical effectiveness.
    Mongiardi MP; Pallini R; D'Alessandris QG; Levi A; Falchetti ML
    Expert Rev Mol Med; 2024 Apr; 26():e5. PubMed ID: 38563164
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  • 3. A metabolomics approach reveals metabolic disturbance of human cholangiocarcinoma cells after parthenolide treatment.
    He Y; Yu Q; Ma X; Lv D; Wang H; Qiu W; Chen XF; Jiao Y; Liu Y
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 Jun; 328():118075. PubMed ID: 38513779
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  • 4. A Phase II Study of FOLFIRI Plus Ziv-Aflibercept After Trifluridine/Tipiracil Plus Bevacizumab in Patients with Metastatic colorectal cancer: WJOG 11018G.
    Matsumoto T; Yamamoto Y; Kotaka M; Masuishi T; Tsuji Y; Shoji H; Hirata K; Tsuduki T; Makiyama A; Izawa N; Takahashi N; Tsuda M; Yasui H; Ohta T; Kito Y; Otsu S; Hironaka S; Yamazaki K; Boku N; Hyodo I; Yoshimura K; Muro K
    Target Oncol; 2024 Mar; 19(2):181-190. PubMed ID: 38427280
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  • 5. HSK3486 Inhibits colorectal cancer Growth by Promoting Oxidative Stress and ATPase Inhibitory Factor 1 Activation.
    Nan K; Zhong Z; Yue Y; Zhou W; Sun X; Shen Y; Qu M; Chen Z; Gu J; Sun C; Sun X; Lu L; Zhang J; Miao C; Sun M
    Dig Dis Sci; 2024 Apr; 69(4):1214-1227. PubMed ID: 38376789
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  • 6. The combined anti-tumor effects of 5-fluorouracil and neurokinin receptor inhibitor, aprepitant, against colorectal cancer: In vitro and in vivo study.
    Alalikhan A; Ebrahimi S; Aliee A; Mirzavi F; Hashemy SI
    Med Oncol; 2024 Feb; 41(3):70. PubMed ID: 38340190
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  • 7. Effect of Cichoric Acid on colorectal cancer: Impact on Migration, Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, and Proliferation
    Ma S; Huang Z; Chen Q; Yin X
    Discov Med; 2024 Jan; 36(180):190-198. PubMed ID: 38273759
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  • 8. Entero-toxigenic
    Yang J; Wang X; Hu T; Huang H; Chen G; Jin B; Zeng G; Liu J
    Cell Cycle; 2024 Jan; 23(1):70-82. PubMed ID: 38273425
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  • 9. The CSF-1R inhibitor pexidartinib affects FLT3-dependent DC differentiation and may antagonize durvalumab effect in patients with advanced cancers.
    Voissière A; Gomez-Roca C; Chabaud S; Rodriguez C; Nkodia A; Berthet J; Montane L; Bidaux AS; Treilleux I; Eberst L; Terret C; Korakis I; Garin G; Pérol D; Delord JP; Caux C; Dubois B; Ménétrier-Caux C; Bendriss-Vermare N; Cassier PA
    Sci Transl Med; 2024 Jan; 16(731):eadd1834. PubMed ID: 38266104
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  • 10. Astragaloside IV regulates circ_0001615 and miR-873-5p/LASP1 axis to suppress colorectal cancer cell progression.
    Kong P; Tang X; Liu F; Tang X
    Chem Biol Drug Des; 2024 Jan; 103(1):e14423. PubMed ID: 38230773
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  • 11. Inhibition of CSF1R and kit With Pexidartinib Reduces Inflammatory Signaling and Cell Viability in Endometriosis.
    Dunn TN; Cope DI; Tang S; Sirupangi T; Parks SE; Liao Z; Yuan F; Creighton CJ; Masand RP; Alpuing Radilla L; Guan X; Detti L; Monsivais D; Matzuk MM
    Endocrinology; 2024 Feb; 165(4):. PubMed ID: 38227801
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  • 12. 5-methoxytryptophan induced apoptosis and PI3K/Akt/FoxO3a phosphorylation in colorectal cancer.
    Zhao TL; Qi Y; Wang YF; Wang Y; Liang H; Pu YB
    World J Gastroenterol; 2023 Dec; 29(47):6148-6160. PubMed ID: 38186686
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  • 13. Light-enhanced VEGF
    Longva AS; Berg K; Weyergang A
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1278000. PubMed ID: 38173721
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  • 14. Recombinant Methioninase Decreased the Effective Dose of Irinotecan by 15-fold Against Colon cancer Cells: A Strategy for Effective Low-toxicity treatment of Colon cancer.
    Sato M; Han Q; Kubota Y; Baranov A; Ardjmand D; Mizuta K; Morinaga S; Kang BM; Kobayashi N; Bouvet M; Ichikawa Y; Nakajima A; Hoffman RM
    Anticancer Res; 2024 Jan; 44(1):31-35. PubMed ID: 38159986
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  • 15. Site specific genetic differences in colorectal cancer via Next-Generation-Sequencing using a multigene panel.
    Rencuzogullari A; Bisgin A; Erdogan KE; Gumus S; Yalav O; Boga I; Sonmezler O; Eray IC
    Ann Ital Chir; 2023; 94():605-611. PubMed ID: 38131395
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  • 16. Ursolic acid inhibits the metastasis of colon cancer by downregulating ARL4C expression.
    Zhang M; Xiang F; Sun Y; Liu R; Li Q; Gu Q; Kang X; Wu R
    Oncol Rep; 2024 Feb; 51(2):. PubMed ID: 38131251
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  • 17. Phytochemically analysed extract of Ageratina adenophora (Sprengel) R.M.King & H. Rob. initiates caspase 3-dependant apoptosis in colorectal cancer cell: A synergistic approach with chemotherapeutic drugs.
    Chanu KD; Thoithoisana S; Kar A; Mukherjee PK; Radhakrishnanand P; Parmar K; Sharma N
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2024 Mar; 322():117591. PubMed ID: 38104872
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  • 18. SNORA56-mediated pseudouridylation of 28 S rRNA inhibits ferroptosis and promotes colorectal cancer proliferation by enhancing GCLC translation.
    Xu C; Bian Z; Wang X; Niu N; Liu L; Xiao Y; Zhu J; Huang N; Zhang Y; Chen Y; Wu Q; Sun F; Zhu X; Pan Q
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Dec; 42(1):331. PubMed ID: 38049865
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  • 19. Mechanistic study on ursolic acid inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells through the downregulation of TGF-β3 by miR-140-5p.
    Zhang T; Xiang F; Li X; Chen Z; Wang J; Guo J; Zhu S; Zhou J; Kang X; Wu R
    J Biochem Mol Toxicol; 2024 Jan; 38(1):e23581. PubMed ID: 38044485
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  • 20. Elevated expression of CXCL3 in colon cancer promotes malignant behaviors of tumor cells in an ERK-dependent manner.
    Cheng Y; Yang X; Liang L; Xin H; Dong X; Li W; Li J; Guo X; Li Y; He J; Zhang C; Wang W
    BMC Cancer; 2023 Nov; 23(1):1162. PubMed ID: 38031087
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