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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND KLF6, RP11-184A2_1, 1316, ENSG00000067082, ST12, DKFZp686N0199, CPBP, Zf9, COPEB, ZF9, PAC1, GBF, BCD1 AND Clinical Outcome
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  • 1. Complete remission in a pretreated, microsatellite-stable,
    He L; Li H; Wang Y; Li W; Gao L; Xu B; Hu J; He P; Pu W; Sun G; Wang Z; Han Q; Liu B; Chen H
    Front Immunol; 2024; 15():1354613. PubMed ID: 38617840
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  • 2. Spreading Through Air Spaces And Thinking About Lung Metastases.
    M Castro P; Rei J; Silva C; Miranda J; Guerra M
    Port J Card Thorac Vasc Surg; 2023 Oct; 30(3):31-35. PubMed ID: 38499034
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  • 3. Interferon-γ in the tumor microenvironment promotes the expression of B7H4 in colorectal cancer cells, thereby inhibiting cytotoxic T cells.
    Jing ZL; Liu GL; Zhou N; Xu DY; Feng N; Lei Y; Ma LL; Tang MS; Tong GH; Tang N; Deng YJ
    Sci Rep; 2024 Mar; 14(1):6053. PubMed ID: 38480774
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  • 4. Adrenal incidentalomas, cortisol secretion and cancer: is there a real crosstalk?
    Herrera-Martínez AD; Román ÁR; Corrales EP; Idrobo C; Ramírez PP; Rojas PM; Lázaro CR; Araujo-Castro M
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne); 2023; 14():1335202. PubMed ID: 38264281
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  • 5. p21 as a Predictor and Prognostic Indicator of clinical outcome in Rectal cancer Patients.
    Ooi LC; Ho V; Zhu JZ; Lim S; Chung L; Abubakar A; Rutland T; Chua W; Ng W; Lee M; Morgan M; MacKenzie S; Lee CS
    Int J Mol Sci; 2024 Jan; 25(2):. PubMed ID: 38255799
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  • 6. Does commission on cancer (CoC) accreditation mitigate the effect of care fragmentation on clinical outcome in localized rectal cancer?
    Park SS; Verm RA; Abdelsattar ZM; Kramer S; Swanson J; Fernando M; Cohn T; Luchette FA; Baker MS
    Am J Surg; 2024 Apr; 230():63-67. PubMed ID: 38148258
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  • 7. The age-related obesity paradigm: results from two large prospective cohort studies.
    Ge YZ; Liu T; Deng L; Zhang Q; Liu CA; Ruan GT; Xie HL; Song MM; Lin SQ; Yao QH; Shen X; Shi HP;
    J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle; 2024 Feb; 15(1):442-452. PubMed ID: 38146198
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  • 8. Metastatic site and clinical outcome of patients with deficient mismatch repair metastatic colorectal cancer treated with an immune checkpoint inhibitor in the first-line setting.
    Saberzadeh-Ardestani B; Jones JC; McWilliams RR; Tougeron D; Halfdanarson TR; Guimbaud R; Hubbard JM; Flecchia C; Shi Q; Alouani E; Sonbol MB; Ticku J; Jin Z; Taieb J; Sinicrope FA
    Eur J Cancer; 2024 Jan; 196():113433. PubMed ID: 37979306
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  • 9. Association between insulin resistance related indicators with the prognosis of patients with colorectal cancer.
    Yang M; Zhang Q; Ge YZ; Tang M; Zhang X; Song MM; Ruan GT; Zhang XW; Zhang KP; Shi HP
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2023 Dec; 87():102478. PubMed ID: 37856934
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  • 10. N6-methyladenosine reader protein IGF2BP1 suppresses CD8 + T cells-mediated tumor cytotoxicity and apoptosis in colon cancer.
    Peng Y; Zhang Z; Yang G; Dai Z; Cai X; Liu Z; Yun Q; Xu L
    Apoptosis; 2024 Apr; 29(3-4):331-343. PubMed ID: 37848671
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  • 11. Whole exome germline sequencing in early-onset prostate cancer patients: Genomic findings and clinical outcomes.
    Siegelmann-Danieli N; Neiman V; Bareket-Samish A; Berger R; Peretz A; Alapi H; Tsur E; Patalon T; Beller D; Rimler G; Chodick G; Shohat M
    Prostate; 2024 Jan; 84(1):39-46. PubMed ID: 37842866
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  • 12. Whole-exome sequencing reveals mutational profiles of anorectal and gynecological melanoma.
    Sun W; Liu K; Zhou H; Zhao F; Dong Y; Xu Y; Kong Y; Wang M; Cheng X; Chen Y
    Med Oncol; 2023 Oct; 40(11):330. PubMed ID: 37831226
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  • 13. clinical significance of Bacteroides fragilis as a potential prognostic factor in colorectal cancer.
    Matsumiya Y; Suenaga M; Ishikawa T; Kudo T; Nakagawa T; Okamoto K; Tokunaga M; Hurtado C; Yamada Y; Oka K; Takahashi M; Lopez Kostner LF; O'Ryan Gallardo ML; Uetake H; Kinugasa Y
    Anaerobe; 2023 Dec; 84():102784. PubMed ID: 37806638
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  • 14. Delayed-Onset Organ/Space Surgical Site Infection Worsens Prognosis in High-Risk Stage II and III colorectal cancer.
    Okui J; Shigeta K; Kato Y; Mizuno S; Sugiura K; Seo Y; Nakadai J; Baba H; Kikuchi H; Hirata A; Makino A; Kondo T; Matsui S; Seishima R; Okabayashi K; Obara H; Sato Y; Kitagawa Y
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2023 Nov; 27(11):2515-2525. PubMed ID: 37740145
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  • 15. Long-read sequencing reveals the landscape of aberrant alternative splicing and novel therapeutic target in colorectal cancer.
    Sun Q; Han Y; He J; Wang J; Ma X; Ning Q; Zhao Q; Jin Q; Yang L; Li S; Li Y; Zhi Q; Zheng J; Dong D
    Genome Med; 2023 Sep; 15(1):76. PubMed ID: 37735421
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  • 16. Survival outcome in Early-Onset Metastatic colorectal cancer: A Multicenter-Matched Pair Analysis.
    Doleschal B; Niedersüß-Beke D; Kirchweger P; Petzer A; Thaler J; Rumpold H
    Oncology; 2024; 102(2):107-113. PubMed ID: 37699362
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  • 17. Immune Marker Spatial Distribution and clinical outcome after PD-1 Blockade in Mismatch Repair-deficient, Advanced colorectal Carcinomas.
    Saberzadeh-Ardestani B; Graham RP; McMahon S; Ahanonu E; Shi Q; Williams C; Hubbard A; Zhang W; Muranyi A; Yan D; Jin Z; Shanmugam K; Sinicrope FA
    Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Oct; 29(20):4268-4277. PubMed ID: 37566222
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  • 18. Targeting MS4A4A on tumour-associated macrophages restores CD8+ T-cell-mediated antitumour immunity.
    Li Y; Shen Z; Chai Z; Zhan Y; Zhang Y; Liu Z; Liu Y; Li Z; Lin M; Zhang Z; Liu W; Guan S; Zhang J; Qian J; Ding Y; Li G; Fang Y; Deng H
    Gut; 2023 Nov; 72(12):2307-2320. PubMed ID: 37507218
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  • 19. Generate Analysis-Ready Data for Real-world Evidence: Tutorial for Harnessing Electronic Health Records With Advanced Informatic Technologies.
    Hou J; Zhao R; Gronsbell J; Lin Y; Bonzel CL; Zeng Q; Zhang S; Beaulieu-Jones BK; Weber GM; Jemielita T; Wan SS; Hong C; Cai T; Wen J; Ayakulangara Panickan V; Liaw KL; Liao K; Cai T
    J Med Internet Res; 2023 May; 25():e45662. PubMed ID: 37227772
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  • 20. An integrated tumor, immune and microbiome atlas of colon cancer.
    Roelands J; Kuppen PJK; Ahmed EI; Mall R; Masoodi T; Singh P; Monaco G; Raynaud C; de Miranda NFCC; Ferraro L; Carneiro-Lobo TC; Syed N; Rawat A; Awad A; Decock J; Mifsud W; Miller LD; Sherif S; Mohamed MG; Rinchai D; Van den Eynde M; Sayaman RW; Ziv E; Bertucci F; Petkar MA; Lorenz S; Mathew LS; Wang K; Murugesan S; Chaussabel D; Vahrmeijer AL; Wang E; Ceccarelli A; Fakhro KA; Zoppoli G; Ballestrero A; Tollenaar RAEM; Marincola FM; Galon J; Khodor SA; Ceccarelli M; Hendrickx W; Bedognetti D
    Nat Med; 2023 May; 29(5):1273-1286. PubMed ID: 37202560
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