Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND MAPK1, MAPK2, 5594, ENSG00000100030, P28482, ERK2, p40, PRKM1, p38, p41, ERT1, p41mapk, PRKM2, P42MAPK, ERK AND Diagnosis
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  • 1. Superbinder based phosphoproteomic landscape revealed PRKCD_pY313 mediates the activation of Src and p38 MAPK to promote TNBC progression.
    Deng Y; Hou Z; Li Y; Yi M; Wu Y; Zheng Y; Yang F; Zhong G; Hao Q; Zhai Z; Wang M; Ma X; Kang H; Ji F; Dong C; Liu H; Dai Z
    Cell Commun Signal; 2024 Feb; 22(1):115. PubMed ID: 38347536
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  • 2. Regorafenib activates oxidative stress by inhibiting SELENOS and potentiates oxaliplatin-induced cell death in colon cancer cells.
    Yu Y; Wu T; Zhang X; Li P; Ye L; Kuang J; Tao L; Ni L; Zhao Q; Zhang J; Pan H; Xie C; Zheng C; Li S; Cui R
    Eur J Pharmacol; 2023 Oct; 957():175986. PubMed ID: 37598924
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  • 3. Detection of IL12/23p40 via PET Visualizes Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    Rezazadeh F; Ramos N; Saliganan AD; Al-Hallak N; Chen K; Mohamad B; Wiesend WN; Viola NT
    J Nucl Med; 2023 Nov; 64(11):1806-1814. PubMed ID: 37474270
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  • 4. Downregulation of B3GNT6 is a predictor of poor outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer.
    Xiao S; Yang C; Zhang Y; Lai C
    World J Surg Oncol; 2022 Apr; 20(1):110. PubMed ID: 35387659
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  • 5. Human α-defensin 6 (HD6) suppresses CRC proliferation and metastasis through abolished EGF/EGFR signaling pathway.
    Wei PL; Lin JC; Hung CS; Makondi PT; Batzorig U; Chang TC; Huang CY; Chang YJ
    Int J Med Sci; 2022; 19(1):34-46. PubMed ID: 34975297
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  • 6. Interleukin-38 Suppresses Cell Migration and Proliferation and Promotes Apoptosis of colorectal cancer Cell Through Negatively Regulating Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinases Signaling.
    Huang L; Zhang H; Zhao D; Hu H; Lu Z
    J Interferon Cytokine Res; 2021 Oct; 41(10):375-384. PubMed ID: 34612721
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  • 7. Dysfunction of miR-802 in tumors.
    Gao T; Zou M; Shen T; Duan S
    J Clin Lab Anal; 2021 Nov; 35(11):e23989. PubMed ID: 34558723
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  • 8. The diverse molecular profiles of lynch syndrome-associated colorectal cancers are (highly) dependent on underlying germline mismatch repair mutations.
    Helderman NC; Bajwa-Ten Broeke SW; Morreau H; Suerink M; Terlouw D; van der Werf-' T Lam AS; van Wezel T; Nielsen M
    Crit Rev Oncol Hematol; 2021 Jul; 163():103338. PubMed ID: 34044097
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  • 9. erk1/2 Signaling Induces Upregulation of ANGPT2 and CXCR4 to Mediate Liver Metastasis in Colon cancer.
    Urosevic J; Blasco MT; Llorente A; Bellmunt A; Berenguer-Llergo A; Guiu M; Cañellas A; Fernandez E; Burkov I; Clapés M; Cartanà M; Figueras-Puig C; Batlle E; Nebreda AR; Gomis RR
    Cancer Res; 2020 Nov; 80(21):4668-4680. PubMed ID: 32816905
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  • 10. The (pro)renin receptor: a novel biomarker and potential therapeutic target for various cancers.
    Wang J; Nishiyama A; Matsuyama M; Wang Z; Yuan Y
    Cell Commun Signal; 2020 Mar; 18(1):39. PubMed ID: 32143717
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  • 11. Integrin α1 promotes tumorigenicity and progressive capacity of colorectal cancer.
    Li H; Wang Y; Rong SK; Li L; Chen T; Fan YY; Wang YF; Yang CR; Yang C; Cho WC; Yang J
    Int J Biol Sci; 2020; 16(5):815-826. PubMed ID: 32071551
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  • 12. American Registry of Pathology Expert Opinions: Evaluation of poorly differentiated malignant neoplasms on limited samples - Gastrointestinal mucosal biopsies.
    Bellizzi AM; Montgomery EA; Hornick JL
    Ann Diagn Pathol; 2020 Feb; 44():151419. PubMed ID: 31786484
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  • 13. Pharmacological biotargets and the molecular mechanisms of oxyresveratrol treating colorectal cancer: Network and experimental analyses.
    Li R; Song Y; Ji Z; Li L; Zhou L
    Biofactors; 2020 Jan; 46(1):158-167. PubMed ID: 31647596
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  • 14. S100A9 Regulates MDSCs-Mediated Immune Suppression via the RAGE and TLR4 Signaling Pathways in colorectal Carcinoma.
    Huang M; Wu R; Chen L; Peng Q; Li S; Zhang Y; Zhou L; Duan L
    Front Immunol; 2019; 10():2243. PubMed ID: 31620141
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  • 15. Signaling pathways and inhibitors of cells from patients with kaposiform lymphangiomatosis.
    Boscolo E; Pastura P; Glaser K; Goines J; Hammill AM; Adams DM; Dickie P; Hsi Dickie B; Le Cras TD
    Pediatr Blood Cancer; 2019 Aug; 66(8):e27790. PubMed ID: 31045327
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  • 16. Immunohistochemical profiles in primary lung cancers and epithelial pulmonary metastases.
    Vidarsdottir H; Tran L; Nodin B; Jirström K; Planck M; Jönsson P; Mattsson JSM; Botling J; Micke P; Brunnström H
    Hum Pathol; 2019 Feb; 84():221-230. PubMed ID: 30389437
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  • 17. NOTUM Is Involved in the Progression of colorectal cancer.
    Yoon JH; Kim D; Kim J; Lee H; Ghim J; Kang BJ; Song P; Suh PG; Ryu SH; Lee TG
    Cancer Genomics Proteomics; 2018; 15(6):485-497. PubMed ID: 30343282
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  • 18. MicroRNA-145 regulates the proliferation, migration and invasion of human primary colon adenocarcinoma cells by targeting mapk1.
    Yang Y; Li XJ; Li P; Guo XT
    Int J Mol Med; 2018 Dec; 42(6):3171-3180. PubMed ID: 30272312
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  • 19. Expressions of IGF-1, erk, GLUT4, IRS-1 in metabolic syndrome complicated with colorectal cancer and their associations with the clinical characteristics of CRC.
    Hu J; Liu X; Chi J; Che K; Feng Y; Zhao S; Wang Z; Wang Y
    Cancer Biomark; 2018; 21(4):883-891. PubMed ID: 29504525
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  • 20. Protective Effects of Let-7b on the Expression of Occludin by Targeting p38 MAPK in Preventing Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction.
    Liu Z; Tian Y; Jiang Y; Chen S; Liu T; Moyer MP; Qin H; Zhou X
    Cell Physiol Biochem; 2018; 45(1):343-355. PubMed ID: 29402773
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