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  • 1. Vitamin C enhances co-localization of novel TET1 nuclear bodies with both Cajal and PML bodies in colorectal cancer cells.
    El Osmani N; Prévostel C; Picque Lasorsa L; El Harakeh M; Radwan Z; Mawlawi H; El Sabban M; Shirinian M; Dassouki Z
    Epigenetics; 2024 Dec; 19(1):2337142. PubMed ID: 38583183
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  • 2. Transcriptomic correlates of cell cycle checkpoints with distinct prognosis, molecular characteristics, immunological regulation, and therapeutic response in colorectal adenocarcinoma.
    Wang H; Wang W; Wang Z; Li X
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1291859. PubMed ID: 38143740
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  • 3. Investigating the prevalence of pathogenic variants in Saudi Arabian patients with familial cancer using a multigene next generation sequencing panel.
    AlHarbi M; Mobark NA; AlJabarat WAR; ElBardis H; AlSolme E; Hamdan AB; AlFakeeh AH; AlMushawah F; AlHarthi F; AlSharm AA; Balbaid AAO; AlJohani N; Zhou AY; Robinson HA; Alqahtani SA; Abedalthagafi M
    Oncotarget; 2023 Jun; 14():580-594. PubMed ID: 37306523
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  • 4. Microsatellite Instability and Aberrant Pre-mRNA Splicing: How Intimate Is It?
    Corcos L; Le Scanf E; Quéré G; Arzur D; Cueff G; Jossic-Corcos CL; Le Maréchal C
    Genes (Basel); 2023 Jan; 14(2):. PubMed ID: 36833239
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  • 5. OWL: an optimized and independently validated machine learning prediction model for lung cancer screening based on the UK Biobank, PLCO, and NLST populations.
    Pan Z; Zhang R; Shen S; Lin Y; Zhang L; Wang X; Ye Q; Wang X; Chen J; Zhao Y; Christiani DC; Li Y; Chen F; Wei Y
    EBioMedicine; 2023 Feb; 88():104443. PubMed ID: 36701900
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  • 6. nbn Pathogenic Germline Variants are Associated with Pan-cancer Susceptibility and In Vitro DNA Damage Response Defects.
    Belhadj S; Khurram A; Bandlamudi C; Palou-Márquez G; Ravichandran V; Steinsnyder Z; Wildman T; Catchings A; Kemel Y; Mukherjee S; Fesko B; Arora K; Mehine M; Dandiker S; Izhar A; Petrini J; Domchek S; Nathanson KL; Brower J; Couch F; Stadler Z; Robson M; Walsh M; Vijai J; Berger M; Supek F; Karam R; Topka S; Offit K
    Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Jan; 29(2):422-431. PubMed ID: 36346689
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  • 7. A Two-Step Frailty Assessment Strategy in Older Patients With Solid Tumors: A Decision Curve Analysis.
    González Serrano A; Laurent M; Barnay T; Martínez-Tapia C; Audureau E; Boudou-Rouquette P; Aparicio T; Rollot-Trad F; Soubeyran P; Bellera C; Caillet P; Paillaud E; Canouï-Poitrine F
    J Clin Oncol; 2023 Feb; 41(4):826-834. PubMed ID: 36306481
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  • 8. Molecular mechanism analysis of Miao medicine Jinwujiangu decoction in treating osteoarthritis based on a network pharmacology approach.
    Zong J; Xiaoling Y; Wukai MA; Fang T
    J Tradit Chin Med; 2022 Aug; 42(4):576-585. PubMed ID: 35848974
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  • 9. MRNIP condensates promote DNA double-strand break sensing and end resection.
    Wang YL; Zhao WW; Bai SM; Feng LL; Bie SY; Gong L; Wang F; Wei MB; Feng WX; Pang XL; Qin CL; Yin XK; Wang YN; Zhou W; Wahl DR; Liu Q; Chen M; Hung MC; Wan XB
    Nat Commun; 2022 May; 13(1):2638. PubMed ID: 35551189
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  • 10. Pancreatic cancer with Mutation in BRCA1/2, MLH1, and APC Genes: Phenotype Correlation and Detection of a Novel Germline BRCA2 Mutation.
    Vietri MT; D'Elia G; Caliendo G; Albanese L; Signoriello G; Napoli C; Molinari AM
    Genes (Basel); 2022 Feb; 13(2):. PubMed ID: 35205366
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  • 11. The Effect of Gene Mutations on Metastasis and Overall Survival in Metastatic and Nonmetastatic Colon cancers.
    Ozdemir Y; Cag M; Colak E; Coskun N; Basgoz N; Sarici H; Kaan D; Dogan M; Deniz K; Inanc M; Ozkul Y
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2021 Dec; 22(12):3839-3846. PubMed ID: 34967562
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  • 12. Application of Multigene Panel Testing in Patients With High Risk for Hereditary colorectal cancer: A Descriptive Report Focused on Genotype-Phenotype Correlation.
    Park JS; Park JW; Shin S; Lee ST; Shin SJ; Min BS; Park SJ; Park JJ; Cheon JH; Kim WH; Kim TI
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2022 Jun; 65(6):793-803. PubMed ID: 34897210
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  • 13. Co-occurrence of germline pathogenic variants for different hereditary cancer syndromes in patients with Lynch syndrome.
    Ferrer-Avargues R; Castillejo MI; Dámaso E; Díez-Obrero V; Garrigos N; Molina T; Codoñer-Alejos A; Segura Á; Sánchez-Heras AB; Castillejo A; Soto JL
    Cancer Commun (Lond); 2021 Mar; 41(3):218-228. PubMed ID: 33630411
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  • 14. Nanobody-based therapeutics against colorectal cancer: Precision therapies based on the personal mutanome profile and tumor neoantigens.
    Moradi A; Pourseif MM; Jafari B; Parvizpour S; Omidi Y
    Pharmacol Res; 2020 Jun; 156():104790. PubMed ID: 32278043
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  • 15. Clinical utility of hereditary cancer panel testing: Impact of PALB2, ATM, CHEK2, nbn, BRIP1, RAD51C, and RAD51D results on patient management and adherence to provider recommendations.
    Vysotskaia V; Kaseniit KE; Bucheit L; Ready K; Price K; Johansen Taber K
    Cancer; 2020 Feb; 126(3):549-558. PubMed ID: 31682005
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  • 16. Efficacy of Difluoromethylornithine and Aspirin for Treatment of Adenomas and Aberrant Crypt Foci in Patients with Prior Advanced colorectal Neoplasms.
    Sinicrope FA; Velamala PR; Song LMWK; Viggiano TR; Bruining DH; Rajan E; Gostout CJ; Kraichely RE; Buttar NS; Schroeder KW; Kisiel JB; Larson MV; Sweetser SR; Sedlack RR; Sinicrope SN; Richmond E; Umar A; Della'Zanna G; Noaeill JS; Meyers JP; Foster NR
    Cancer Prev Res (Phila); 2019 Nov; 12(11):821-830. PubMed ID: 31484660
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  • 17. Volumetric imaging parameters are significant for predicting the pathological complete response of preoperative concurrent chemoradiotherapy in local advanced rectal cancer.
    Wu F; Wang J; Yang C; Zhou C; Niu W; Zhang J; Wang G; Yang Y; Wang G
    J Radiat Res; 2019 Oct; 60(5):666-676. PubMed ID: 31165155
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  • 18. Enhancing Tumor Drug Distribution With Ultrasound-Triggered Nanobubbles.
    Nittayacharn P; Yuan HX; Hernandez C; Bielecki P; Zhou H; Exner AA
    J Pharm Sci; 2019 Sep; 108(9):3091-3098. PubMed ID: 31095958
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  • 19. Evaluation of Pharmacodynamic Responses to cancer Therapeutic Agents Using DNA Damage Markers.
    Wilsker DF; Barrett AM; Dull AB; Lawrence SM; Hollingshead MG; Chen A; Kummar S; Parchment RE; Doroshow JH; Kinders RJ
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 May; 25(10):3084-3095. PubMed ID: 30792217
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  • 20. MRN (MRE11-RAD50-nbs1) Complex in Human cancer and Prognostic Implications in colorectal cancer.
    Situ Y; Chung L; Lee CS; Ho V
    Int J Mol Sci; 2019 Feb; 20(4):. PubMed ID: 30769804
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