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  • 1. colorectal cancer: Is it Still a Disease of the Elderly?
    Kędzia-Berut R; Berut M; Włodarczyk M; Włodarczyk J; Dziki Ł; Dziki A; Mik M
    Pol Przegl Chir; 2023 Dec; 96(0):41-45. PubMed ID: 38348978
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  • 2. [A Case of Resection of T2N0 Colon cancer with Synchronous Solitary Lung Metastasis].
    Shirai Y; Oshima Y; Ito S; Suzuki M; Fukasawa M; Ishikawa K; Machimura T; Nohara M; Murayama A; Sanada K; Kamochi J; Ikoma Y; Kato Y; Sakata S
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2024 Jan; 51(1):63-65. PubMed ID: 38247094
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  • 3. Frequent nuclear β-catenin expression in pulmonary enteric-type adenocarcinoma according to the current World Health Organization criteria.
    Kishikawa S; Hayashi T; Takamochi K; Ura A; Sasahara N; Saito T; Suzuki K; Yao T;
    Virchows Arch; 2023 Nov; 483(5):699-703. PubMed ID: 37740071
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  • 4. Development and validation of a decision tree for distinguishing pulmonary adenocarcinomas with mucinous features and metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma.
    Wein AN; Lin CY; Ritter JH; Bernadt CT
    Cancer Cytopathol; 2023 Dec; 131(12):781-790. PubMed ID: 37676090
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  • 5. Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Providing Equitable Healthcare Access for IBD in the Kentucky Appalachian Region.
    Castle JT; Levy BE; Mangino AA; McDonald HG; McAtee EE; Patel JA; Evers BM; Bhakta AS
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2023 Sep; 66(9):1273-1281. PubMed ID: 37399124
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  • 6. Immunohistochemical expression of apolipoprotein B and 4-hydroxynonenal proteins in colorectal carcinoma patients: a retrospective study.
    Ng PY; Nafi SNM; Jalil NAC; Kueh YC; Lee YY; Zin AAM
    Croat Med J; 2023 Feb; 64(1):29-36. PubMed ID: 36864816
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  • 7. Trends and benefits of prophylactic ureter catheters in the era of minimally invasive surgery.
    Cirocco WC
    Am J Surg; 2023 Mar; 225(3):577-582. PubMed ID: 36509589
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  • 8. Initiating Treatment with Low Fluorouracil Dose and Titrating According to Blood Levels in Patients Treated with a 46-Hour Continuous Infusion.
    Khatib AW; Selub SM; Uryvaey A; Baranseh J; Shai A
    Chemotherapy; 2023; 68(2):95-101. PubMed ID: 36273438
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  • 9. Surgical treatment of digestive cancer in a well-defined elderly population.
    Latrille A; Bouvier AM; Jooste V; Bengrine Lefevre L; Quipourt V; Moreno Lopez N; Facy O
    Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol; 2022 Mar; 46(3):101857. PubMed ID: 34963649
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  • 10. Novel Boronate Probe Based on 3-Benzothiazol-2-yl-7-hydroxy-chromen-2-one for the Detection of Peroxynitrite and Hypochlorite.
    Modrzejewska J; Szala M; Grzelakowska A; Zakłos-Szyda M; Zielonka J; Podsiadły R
    Molecules; 2021 Sep; 26(19):. PubMed ID: 34641484
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  • 11. Colon cancer With Metastatic Involvement of the Thyroid Incidentally Found at Excision of Parathyroid Adenoma.
    Sullivan TJ; Chahfe F
    Ear Nose Throat J; 2023 Nov; 102(11):NP547-NP548. PubMed ID: 34167381
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  • 12. Non-medullary Thyroid cancer Susceptibility Genes: Evidence and Disease Spectrum.
    Zhou J; Singh P; Yin K; Wang J; Bao Y; Wu M; Pathak K; McKinley SK; Braun D; Lubitz CC; Hughes KS
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2021 Oct; 28(11):6590-6600. PubMed ID: 33660127
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  • 13. The Performance of colorectal cancer Screening in Brazil: The First Two Years of the Implementation Program in Barretos cancer Hospital.
    Guimarães DP; Mantuan LA; de Oliveira MA; Junior RL; Costa AMD; Rossi S; Fava G; Taveira LN; Giardina KM; Talarico T; Costa M; Scapulatempo-Neto C; Matsushita MM; Véo CA; Fregnani JHT; Reis RM; Hawk ET; Mauad EC
    Cancer Prev Res (Phila); 2021 Feb; 14(2):241-252. PubMed ID: 32998941
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  • 14. Aberrant ttf-1 Expression in Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas: A Diagnostic Pitfall.
    Chang ST; Chen SW; Chen BJ; Pan ST; Karube K; Chuang SS
    Int J Surg Pathol; 2021 Apr; 29(2):165-168. PubMed ID: 32772757
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  • 15. A multicentre, international, observational study on transarterial chemoembolisation in colorectal cancer liver metastases: Design and rationale of CIREL.
    Pereira PL; Arnold D; de Baère T; Gomez F; Helmberger T; Iezzi R; Maleux G; Prenen H; Sangro B; Nordlund A; Zeka B; Bauer R; Kaufmann N; Pellerin O; Taieb J
    Dig Liver Dis; 2020 Aug; 52(8):857-861. PubMed ID: 32620520
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  • 16. Histological clues to the diagnosis of metastasis to the breast from extramammary malignancies.
    Lee AHS; Hodi Z; Soomro I; Sovani V; Abbas A; Rakha E; Ellis IO
    Histopathology; 2020 Aug; 77(2):303-313. PubMed ID: 32396659
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  • 17. Partitioned Extracts of
    Chen YF; Lee AS; Chen WY; Lin CH; Kuo CL; Chung JG
    Am J Chin Med; 2020; 48(3):719-736. PubMed ID: 32349516
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  • 18. Radio-Pathological Correlations in Patients with Liver Metastases for colorectal cancer.
    Serrablo A; Paliogiannis P; Paradisi C; Hörndler C; Sarría L; Tejedor L; Serrablo L; Azoulay D
    Dig Surg; 2020; 37(5):383-389. PubMed ID: 32224622
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  • 19. Molecular biomarkers in the diagnostic of patients with colorectal cancer.
    Fabišíková K; Behulová RL; Repiska V
    Neuro Endocrinol Lett; 2019 Dec; 40(5):215-221. PubMed ID: 32112545
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  • 20. Short-term autonomy and survival after hepatectomy in the elderly.
    Lallement M; Maulat C; Suc B; Péré G; Lozano S; Bérard E; Muscari F
    J Visc Surg; 2020 Oct; 157(5):378-386. PubMed ID: 31980381
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