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  • 1. Metastatic site and clinical outcome of patients with deficient mismatch repair metastatic colorectal cancer treated with an immune checkpoint inhibitor in the first-line setting.
    Saberzadeh-Ardestani B; Jones JC; McWilliams RR; Tougeron D; Halfdanarson TR; Guimbaud R; Hubbard JM; Flecchia C; Shi Q; Alouani E; Sonbol MB; Ticku J; Jin Z; Taieb J; Sinicrope FA
    Eur J Cancer; 2024 Jan; 196():113433. PubMed ID: 37979306
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  • 2. ESR1, pgr, ERBB2, and MKi67 mRNA expression in postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer: results from ABCSG Trial 6.
    Filipits M; Rudas M; Singer CF; Fitzal F; Bago-Horvath Z; Greil R; Balic M; Lax SF; Halper S; Hulla W; Wu NC; Liu X; Weidler J; Bates M; Hlauschek D; Gnant M; Dubsky P
    ESMO Open; 2021 Aug; 6(4):100228. PubMed ID: 34371382
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  • 3. [clinical outcome of the Patients with Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma].
    Mori T; Maeda K; Fukuoka T; Shibutani M; Nagahara H; Tamura T; Ohira G; Yamazoe S; Kimura K; Toyokawa T; Amano R; Tanaka H; Muguruma K; Hirakawa K; Ohira M
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2017 Nov; 44(12):1647-1649. PubMed ID: 29394730
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  • 4. Pooled Analysis of clinical outcome of Patients with Chemorefractory Metastatic colorectal cancer Treated within Phase I/II clinical Studies Based on Individual Biomarkers of Susceptibility: A Single-Institution Experience.
    Sartore-Bianchi A; Amatu A; Bonazzina E; Stabile S; Giannetta L; Cerea G; Schiavetto I; Bencardino K; Funaioli C; Ricotta R; Cipani T; Schirru M; Gambi V; Palmeri L; Carlo-Stella G; Rusconi F; Di Bella S; Burrafato G; Cassingena A; Valtorta E; Lauricella C; Pazzi F; Gambaro A; Ghezzi S; Marrapese G; Tarenzi E; Veronese S; Truini M; Vanzulli A; Siena S
    Target Oncol; 2017 Aug; 12(4):525-533. PubMed ID: 28669023
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  • 5. Preoperative long-course chemoradiation for localized rectal cancer: A retrospective comparison of response and outcome between 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin versus capecitabine.
    Kunheri B; Gurram B; Madhavan R; Makuny D
    Indian J Cancer; 2016; 53(4):518-523. PubMed ID: 28485342
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  • 6. Volumetric Versus Unidimensional Measures of Metastatic colorectal cancer in Assessing Disease Response.
    Lubner MG; Stabo N; Lubner SJ; Del Rio AM; Song C; Pickhardt PJ
    Clin Colorectal Cancer; 2017 Dec; 16(4):324-333.e1. PubMed ID: 28433601
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  • 7. Digital PCR assessment of MGMT promoter methylation coupled with reduced protein expression optimises prediction of response to alkylating agents in metastatic colorectal cancer patients.
    Sartore-Bianchi A; Pietrantonio F; Amatu A; Milione M; Cassingena A; Ghezzi S; Caporale M; Berenato R; Falcomatà C; Pellegrinelli A; Bardelli A; Nichelatti M; Tosi F; De Braud F; Di Nicolantonio F; Barault L; Siena S
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Jan; 71():43-50. PubMed ID: 27997874
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  • 8. Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy in Advanced Neuroendocrine Tumors: clinical outcomes and Preliminary Correlation with Biological Factors.
    Spada F; Antonuzzo L; Marconcini R; Radice D; Antonuzzo A; Ricci S; Di Costanzo F; Fontana A; Gelsomino F; Luppi G; Nobili E; Galdy S; Cella CA; Sonzogni A; Pisa E; Barberis M; Fazio N
    Neuroendocrinology; 2016; 103(6):806-14. PubMed ID: 26789262
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  • 9. Accelerated hyperfractionated intensity-modulated radiotherapy for recurrent/unresectable rectal cancer in patients with previous pelvic irradiation: results of a phase II study.
    Cai G; Zhu J; Hu W; Zhang Z
    Radiat Oncol; 2014 Dec; 9():278. PubMed ID: 25497847
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  • 10. Association between chemotherapy and plasma adipokines in patients with colorectal cancer.
    Słomian G; Świętochowska E; Malinowska-Borowska J; Kasperczyk S; Rogalska A; Nowak P
    Pharmacol Rep; 2014 Oct; 66(5):902-7. PubMed ID: 25149999
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  • 11. FOLFIRI and sunitinib as first-line treatment in metastatic colorectal cancer patients with liver metastases--a CESAR phase II study including pharmacokinetic, biomarker, and imaging data.
    Mross K; Scheulen M; Strumberg D; Kuhlmann J; Kanefendt F; Sörgel F; Jaehde U; Burkholder I; Moritz B; Büchert M
    Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther; 2014 Aug; 52(8):642-52. PubMed ID: 24800922
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  • 12. Breast cancer expression of YKL-40 correlates with tumour grade, poor differentiation, and other cancer markers.
    Shao R; Cao QJ; Arenas RB; Bigelow C; Bentley B; Yan W
    Br J Cancer; 2011 Oct; 105(8):1203-9. PubMed ID: 21934681
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  • 13. Identification of 5 novel genes methylated in breast and other epithelial cancers.
    Hill VK; Hesson LB; Dansranjavin T; Dallol A; Bieche I; Vacher S; Tommasi S; Dobbins T; Gentle D; Euhus D; Lewis C; Dammann R; Ward RL; Minna J; Maher ER; Pfeifer GP; Latif F
    Mol Cancer; 2010 Mar; 9():51. PubMed ID: 20205715
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  • 14. The combination of ERCC1 and XRCC1 gene polymorphisms better predicts clinical outcome to oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Liang J; Jiang T; Yao RY; Liu ZM; Lv HY; Qi WW
    Cancer Chemother Pharmacol; 2010 Aug; 66(3):493-500. PubMed ID: 19960344
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  • 15. [clinical outcome of intra-hepatic arterial infusion therapy for multiple liver metastases from colorectal cancer].
    Okamoto N; Maruta M; Maeda K; Sato H; Takizawa K; Masumori K; Aoyama H; Kato R
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho; 2003 Apr; 30(4):501-4. PubMed ID: 12722681
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  • 16. The prognostic significance of immune changes in patients with renal cancer, melanoma and colorectal cancer, treated with interferon alpha 2b.
    Tsavaris N; Baxevanis C; Kosmidis P; Papamichael M
    Cancer Immunol Immunother; 1996 Oct; 43(2):94-102. PubMed ID: 8954143
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  • 17. Expansion of peripheral blood natural killer cells correlates with clinical outcome in cancer patients receiving recombinant subcutaneous interleukin-2 and interferon-alpha-2.
    Atzpodien J; Kirchner H; Körfer A; Hadam M; Schomburg A; Menzel T; Deckert M; Franzke A; Volkenandt M; Dallmann I
    Tumour Biol; 1993; 14(6):354-9. PubMed ID: 8265981
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  • 18. Induction of anti-idiotypic (ab2) and anti-anti-idiotypic (ab3) antibodies in patients treated with the mouse monoclonal antibody 17-1A (ab1). Relation to the clinical outcome--an important antitumoral effector function?
    Frödin JE; Faxas ME; Hagström B; Lefvert AK; Masucci G; Nilsson B; Steinitz M; Unger P; Mellstedt H
    Hybridoma; 1991 Aug; 10(4):421-31. PubMed ID: 1937495
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