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Terms: = Colorectal cancer AND SOX2, MGC2413, 6657, ENSG00000181449, MCOPS3, P48431, ANOP3
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  • 1. Kurarinone targets JAK2-STAT3 signaling in colon cancer-stem-like cells.
    Prajapati KS; Kumar S
    Cell Biochem Funct; 2024 Mar; 42(2):e3959. PubMed ID: 38390770
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  • 2. sox2 promotes vasculogenic mimicry by accelerating glycolysis via the lncRNA AC005392.2-GLUT1 axis in colorectal cancer.
    Huang S; Wang X; Zhu Y; Wang Y; Chen J; Zheng H
    Cell Death Dis; 2023 Dec; 14(12):791. PubMed ID: 38044399
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  • 3. Long non-coding RNA sox2-OT enhances cancer biological traits via sponging to tumor suppressor miR-122-3p and miR-194-5p in non-small cell lung carcinoma.
    Dodangeh F; Sadeghi Z; Maleki P; Raheb J
    Sci Rep; 2023 Jul; 13(1):12371. PubMed ID: 37524903
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  • 4. Expression and Clinical Significance of Ki67 and sox2 in colorectal cancer.
    Hu B; Song X; Ding W; Wang H; Cai H; Huang Z
    J Healthc Eng; 2023; 2023():3783631. PubMed ID: 37457497
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  • 5. TWIST1 Promotes colorectal Carcinoma Stemness and Oxaliplatin Resistance by Activating Microfibrillar-Associated Protein 2.
    Liu Y; Chen M; Wu B
    Assay Drug Dev Technol; 2023 Jul; 21(5):202-211. PubMed ID: 37428562
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  • 6. Isoliensinine augments the therapeutic potential of paclitaxel in multidrug-resistant colon cancer stem cells and induced mitochondria-mediated cell death.
    Manogaran P; Anandan A; Vijaya Padma V
    J Biochem Mol Toxicol; 2023 Aug; 37(8):e23395. PubMed ID: 37424111
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  • 7. Furanocoumarin Notopterol: Inhibition of Hepatocellular Carcinogenesis through Suppression of cancer Stemness Signaling and Induction of Oxidative Stress-Associated Cell Death.
    Huang TY; Yang CK; Chen MY; Yadav VK; Fong IH; Yeh CT; Cherng YG
    Nutrients; 2023 May; 15(11):. PubMed ID: 37299411
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  • 8. FOXD1 promotes chemotherapy resistance by enhancing cell stemness in colorectal cancer through β‑catenin nuclear localization.
    Feng WQ; Zhang YC; Gao H; Li WC; Miao YM; Xu ZF; Xu ZQ; Zhao JK; Zheng MH; Zong YP; Lu AG
    Oncol Rep; 2023 Jul; 50(1):. PubMed ID: 37203394
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  • 9. ALDH2 promotes cancer stemness and metastasis in colorectal cancer through activating β-catenin signaling.
    Wei PL; Prince GMSH; Batzorig U; Huang CY; Chang YJ
    J Cell Biochem; 2023 Jun; 124(6):907-920. PubMed ID: 37183314
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  • 10. Disheveled3 enhanced EMT and cancer stem-like cells properties via Wnt/β-catenin/c-Myc/sox2 pathway in colorectal cancer.
    Li Z; Yang Z; Liu W; Zhu W; Yin L; Han Z; Xian Y; Wen J; Tang H; Lin X; Yang Y; Wang J; Zhang K
    J Transl Med; 2023 May; 21(1):302. PubMed ID: 37147666
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  • 11. Canonical Wnt Pathway Is Involved in Chemoresistance and Cell Cycle Arrest Induction in Colon cancer Cell Line Spheroids.
    Moreno-Londoño AP; Castañeda-Patlán MC; Sarabia-Sánchez MA; Macías-Silva M; Robles-Flores M
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Mar; 24(6):. PubMed ID: 36982333
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  • 12. AKT1 phosphorylates RBM17 to promote sox2 transcription by modulating alternative splicing of FOXM1 to enhance cancer stem cell properties in colorectal cancer cells.
    Fu Y; Bai C; Wang S; Chen D; Zhang P; Wei H; Rong F; Zhang C; Chen S; Wang Z
    FASEB J; 2023 Jan; 37(1):e22707. PubMed ID: 36520054
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  • 13. Genotype-first approach to identify associations between CDH1 germline variants and cancer phenotypes: a multicentre study by the European Reference Network on Genetic Tumour Risk Syndromes.
    Garcia-Pelaez J; Barbosa-Matos R; Lobo S; Dias A; Garrido L; Castedo S; Sousa S; Pinheiro H; Sousa L; Monteiro R; Maqueda JJ; Fernandes S; Carneiro F; Pinto N; Lemos C; Pinto C; Teixeira MR; Aretz S; Bajalica-Lagercrantz S; Balmaña J; Blatnik A; Benusiglio PR; Blanluet M; Bours V; Brems H; Brunet J; Calistri D; Capellá G; Carrera S; Colas C; Dahan K; de Putter R; Desseignés C; Domínguez-Garrido E; Egas C; Evans DG; Feret D; Fewings E; Fitzgerald RC; Coulet F; Garcia-Barcina M; Genuardi M; Golmard L; Hackmann K; Hanson H; Holinski-Feder E; Hüneburg R; Krajc M; Lagerstedt-Robinson K; Lázaro C; Ligtenberg MJL; Martínez-Bouzas C; Merino S; Michils G; Novaković S; Patiño-García A; Ranzani GN; Schröck E; Silva I; Silveira C; Soto JL; Spier I; Steinke-Lange V; Tedaldi G; Tejada MI; Woodward ER; Tischkowitz M; Hoogerbrugge N; Oliveira C
    Lancet Oncol; 2023 Jan; 24(1):91-106. PubMed ID: 36436516
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  • 14. [Inhibition of GAS5 promoted invasion, migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of colorectal cancer cells via miR-21/PTEN/Akt axis].
    Xiong BH; Li SS; Ren ZY; Zhang Z; Liu YZ; Sun Y; Chi JL; Luo HY
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2022 Nov; 44(11):1168-1174. PubMed ID: 36380665
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  • 15. The first comprehensive genomic characterization of rectal squamous cell carcinoma.
    Astaras C; De Vito C; Chaskar P; Bornand A; Khanfir K; Sciarra A; Letovanec I; Corro C; Dietrich PY; Tsantoulis P; Koessler T
    J Gastroenterol; 2023 Feb; 58(2):125-134. PubMed ID: 36357817
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  • 16. ANGPTL1, Foxo3a-sox2, and colorectal cancer metastasis.
    Jiang K; Chen H; Ding K
    Clin Sci (Lond); 2022 Sep; 136(18):1367-1370. PubMed ID: 36156125
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  • 17. Gel-Free Single-Cell Culture Arrays on a Microfluidic Chip for Highly Efficient Expansion and Recovery of Colon cancer Stem Cells.
    Liu Y; Chen X; Chen J; Luo Y; Chen Z; Lin D; Zhang J; Liu D
    ACS Biomater Sci Eng; 2022 Aug; 8(8):3623-3632. PubMed ID: 35786837
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  • 18. Tannic acid attenuate AKT phosphorylation to inhibit UMUC3 bladder cancer cell proliferation.
    Chen MC; Annseles Rajula S; Bharath Kumar V; Hsu CH; Day CH; Chen RJ; Wang TF; Viswanadha VP; Li CC; Huang CY
    Mol Cell Biochem; 2022 Dec; 477(12):2863-2869. PubMed ID: 35691981
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  • 19. Oncofetal proteins and cancer stem cells.
    Yan Q; Fang X; Li C; Lan P; Guan X
    Essays Biochem; 2022 Sep; 66(4):423-433. PubMed ID: 35670043
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  • 20. Melatonin and andrographolide synergize to inhibit the colospheroid phenotype by targeting Wnt/beta-catenin signaling.
    Sokolov D; Sharda N; Giri B; Hassan MS; Singh D; Tarasiewicz A; Lohr C; von Holzen U; Kristian T; Waddell J; Reiter RJ; Ahmed H; Banerjee A
    J Pineal Res; 2022 Aug; 73(1):e12808. PubMed ID: 35619550
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