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  • 1. Plasma lipid-based machine learning models provides a potential diagnostic tool for colorectal cancer patients.
    Yang C; Zhou S; Zhu J; Sheng H; Mao W; Fu Z; Chen Z
    Clin Chim Acta; 2022 Nov; 536():191-199. PubMed ID: 36191612
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  • 2. The association of VEGF rs833061 and rs2010963 polymorphisms with susceptibility to colorectal cancer in an Iranian population.
    Bakhshian-Dehkordi E; Safaei M; Fattahi S; Faghani M; Deris F; Chaleshtori MH
    Cancer Epidemiol; 2021 Dec; 75():102041. PubMed ID: 34592532
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  • 3. Targeting Triglyceride Metabolism for colorectal cancer Prevention and Therapy.
    Yarla N; Madka V; Rao C
    Curr Drug Targets; 2022; 23(6):628-635. PubMed ID: 34431463
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  • 4. A Dinucleotide Deletion in the
    Segev L; Naboishchikov I; Kazanov D; Bernstein E; Shaked M; Arber N; Shapira S
    Am Surg; 2020 May; 86(5):480-485. PubMed ID: 32684047
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  • 5. Preoperative endoscopic tattooing technique improved lymph node retrieval in rectal cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy.
    Chen YT; Wang JY; Wang JW; Chai CY
    J Clin Pathol; 2020 May; 73(5):267-272. PubMed ID: 31690565
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  • 6. Cribriform-morular variant of thyroid carcinoma: a neoplasm with distinctive phenotype associated with the activation of the WNT/β-catenin pathway.
    Cameselle-Teijeiro JM; Peteiro-González D; Caneiro-Gómez J; Sánchez-Ares M; Abdulkader I; Eloy C; Melo M; Amendoeira I; Soares P; Sobrinho-Simões M
    Mod Pathol; 2018 Aug; 31(8):1168-1179. PubMed ID: 29785019
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  • 7. [Clinicopathologic and molecular features of cribriform morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma].
    Cui XJ; Zhao HO; Su P; Chen J; Zhang RY; Pan Y; Ouyang XM; Liu J; Zhang JQ; Yang Y; Yang R; Ding L; Liu ZY
    Zhonghua Bing Li Xue Za Zhi; 2018 May; 47(5):354-359. PubMed ID: 29783802
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  • 8. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the Gc gene for vitamin D binding protein in common cancers in Thailand.
    Maneechay W; Boonpipattanapong T; Kanngurn S; Puttawibul P; Geater SL; Sangkhathat S
    Asian Pac J Cancer Prev; 2015; 16(8):3339-44. PubMed ID: 25921141
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  • 9. Long-term survival after incomplete resection of immunohistochemically diagnosed T0N1 lung cancer: report of a case.
    Izumi Y; Mukai M; Kikuchi K; Kobayashi K
    Surg Today; 2006; 36(3):270-3. PubMed ID: 16493539
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  • 10. Association between MDM2-SNP309 and age at colorectal cancer diagnosis according to p53 mutation status.
    Menin C; Scaini MC; De Salvo GL; Biscuola M; Quaggio M; Esposito G; Belluco C; Montagna M; Agata S; D'Andrea E; Nitti D; Amadori A; Bertorelle R
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 2006 Feb; 98(4):285-8. PubMed ID: 16478747
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  • 11. Cribriform-morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma: a pathological and molecular genetic study with evidence of frequent somatic mutations in exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene.
    Xu B; Yoshimoto K; Miyauchi A; Kuma S; Mizusawa N; Hirokawa M; Sano T
    J Pathol; 2003 Jan; 199(1):58-67. PubMed ID: 12474227
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  • 12. [A proposal for the rational use of the PET in oncology].
    Borrego Dorado I; Vázquez Albertino R
    Rev Esp Med Nucl; 2002 May; 21(3):163-73. PubMed ID: 12206749
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  • 13. Cribriform-morular variant of papillary carcinoma: a distinctive variant representing the sporadic counterpart of familial adenomatous polyposis-associated thyroid carcinoma?
    Cameselle-Teijeiro J; Chan JK
    Mod Pathol; 1999 Apr; 12(4):400-11. PubMed ID: 10229505
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  • 14. [Gastric hamartoma and thyroid gland carcinoma with follicular and neuroendocrine differentiation in Cowden syndrome].
    Marth T; Schmitt-Gräff A; Zimmer T; Riecken EO; Wiedenmann B
    Z Gastroenterol; 1996 Jan; 34(1):30-5. PubMed ID: 8776173
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  • 15. Platelet activation and fibrinolysis in large bowel cancer.
    Abbasciano V; Bianchi MP; Trevisani L; Sartori S; Gilli G; Zavagli G
    Oncology; 1995; 52(5):381-4. PubMed ID: 7637955
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  • 16. diagnosis of thyroid metastasis of colonic adenocarcinoma by fine needle aspiration biopsy.
    Cristallini EG; Bolis GB; Francucci M
    Acta Cytol; 1990; 34(3):363-5. PubMed ID: 2343694
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  • 17. [An immunohistological study of metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lymph node: is it useful in diagnosing a primary tumor?].
    Hamaya K; Doi K; Yoshizawa S; Motoi M
    Gan No Rinsho; 1988 Nov; 34(14):1956-60. PubMed ID: 2462648
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  • 18. Immunodiagnosis of colorectal cancer: clinical evaluation of Tennessee antigen (Tenagen).
    Dent OF; Chapuis PH; Payne JE; Meyer J; Sutherland AM; Goulston KJ
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 1983 Nov; 71(5):893-6. PubMed ID: 6580489
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