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  • 1. The detection of specific hypermethylated wif1 and NPY genes in circulating DNA by crystal digital PCR™ is a powerful new tool for colorectal cancer diagnosis and screening.
    Overs A; Flammang M; Hervouet E; Bermont L; Pretet JL; Christophe B; Selmani Z
    BMC Cancer; 2021 Oct; 21(1):1092. PubMed ID: 34627187
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  • 2. Methylation patterns in dysplasia in inflammatory bowel disease patients.
    Rosa I; Silva P; da Mata S; Magro F; Carneiro F; Peixoto A; Silva M; Sousa HT; Roseira J; Parra J; Barosa R; Vieira A; Brito MJ; Lago P; Coelho A; Moleiro J; Pereira da Silva J; Fonseca R; Albuquerque C; Dias Pereira A;
    Scand J Gastroenterol; 2020 Jun; 55(6):646-655. PubMed ID: 32456486
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  • 3. colorectal cancer-associated microbiota contributes to oncogenic epigenetic signatures.
    Sobhani I; Bergsten E; Couffin S; Amiot A; Nebbad B; Barau C; de'Angelis N; Rabot S; Canoui-Poitrine F; Mestivier D; Pédron T; Khazaie K; Sansonetti PJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2019 Nov; 116(48):24285-24295. PubMed ID: 31712445
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  • 4. (1)H NMR Spectroscopy of Fecal Extracts Enables Detection of Advanced colorectal Neoplasia.
    Amiot A; Dona AC; Wijeyesekera A; Tournigand C; Baumgaertner I; Lebaleur Y; Sobhani I; Holmes E
    J Proteome Res; 2015 Sep; 14(9):3871-81. PubMed ID: 26211820
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  • 5. Improved amplification efficiency on stool samples by addition of spermidine and its use for non-invasive detection of colorectal cancer.
    Roperch JP; Benzekri K; Mansour H; Incitti R
    BMC Biotechnol; 2015 May; 15():41. PubMed ID: 26022272
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  • 6. Detection of promoter hypermethylation of Wnt antagonist genes in fecal samples for diagnosis of early colorectal cancer.
    Zhang H; Zhu YQ; Wu YQ; Zhang P; Qi J
    World J Gastroenterol; 2014 May; 20(20):6329-35. PubMed ID: 24876755
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  • 7. Aberrant methylation of NPY, PENK, and wif1 as a promising marker for blood-based diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
    Roperch JP; Incitti R; Forbin S; Bard F; Mansour H; Mesli F; Baumgaertner I; Brunetti F; Sobhani I
    BMC Cancer; 2013 Dec; 13():566. PubMed ID: 24289328
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