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  • 1. Discovering potential wrn inhibitors from natural product database through computational methods.
    Jiang T; Zhang Y; Yu S; Hu B
    J Mol Graph Model; 2024 Jun; 129():108758. PubMed ID: 38507856
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  • 2. wrn Is a Promising Synthetic Lethal Target for cancers with Microsatellite Instability (MSI).
    Chan EM; Foster KJ; Bass AJ
    Cancer Treat Res; 2023; 186():313-328. PubMed ID: 37978143
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  • 3. Senescence risk score: a multifaceted prognostic tool predicting outcomes, stemness, and immune responses in colorectal cancer.
    Zhang X; Huang Y; Li Q; Zhong Y; Zhang Y; Hu J; Liu R; Luo X
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1265911. PubMed ID: 37828981
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  • 4. Co-Occurrence of Germline Genomic Variants and Copy Number Variations in Hereditary Breast and colorectal cancer Patients.
    Côrtes L; Basso TR; Villacis RAR; Souza JDS; Jørgensen MMA; Achatz MI; Rogatto SR
    Genes (Basel); 2023 Aug; 14(8):. PubMed ID: 37628631
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  • 5. Germline cancer Gene Expression Quantitative Trait Loci Are Associated with Local and Global Tumor Mutations.
    Liu Y; Gusev A; Kraft P
    Cancer Res; 2023 Apr; 83(8):1191-1202. PubMed ID: 36745477
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  • 6. Racial/Ethnic and Sex Differences in Somatic cancer Gene Mutations among Patients with Early-Onset colorectal cancer.
    Holowatyj AN; Wen W; Gibbs T; Seagle HM; Keller SR; Edwards DRV; Washington MK; Eng C; Perea J; Zheng W; Guo X
    Cancer Discov; 2023 Mar; 13(3):570-579. PubMed ID: 36520636
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  • 7. Synthetical lethality of Werner helicase and mismatch repair deficiency is mediated by p53 and PUMA in colon cancer.
    Hao S; Tong J; Jha A; Risnik D; Lizardo D; Lu X; Goel A; Opresko PL; Yu J; Zhang L
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2022 Dec; 119(51):e2211775119. PubMed ID: 36508676
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  • 8. Sensitivities and Dependencies of
    Voutsadakis IA
    Medicina (Kaunas); 2022 Oct; 58(10):. PubMed ID: 36295658
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  • 9. Provider preferences for anal cancer prevention screening: Results of the International Anal Neoplasia Society survey.
    Plotzker RE; Barnell GM; Wiley DJ; Stier EA; Jay N
    Tumour Virus Res; 2022 Jun; 13():200235. PubMed ID: 35183808
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  • 10. Werner Helicase Is a Synthetic-Lethal Vulnerability in Mismatch Repair-Deficient colorectal cancer Refractory to Targeted Therapies, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy.
    Picco G; Cattaneo CM; van Vliet EJ; Crisafulli G; Rospo G; Consonni S; Vieira SF; Rodríguez IS; Cancelliere C; Banerjee R; Schipper LJ; Oddo D; Dijkstra KK; Cinatl J; Michaelis M; Yang F; Di Nicolantonio F; Sartore-Bianchi A; Siena S; Arena S; Voest EE; Bardelli A; Garnett MJ;
    Cancer Discov; 2021 Aug; 11(8):1923-1937. PubMed ID: 33837064
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  • 11. The effect of vitamin D on the occurrence and development of colorectal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Xu Y; Qian M; Hong J; Ng DM; Yang T; Xu L; Ye X
    Int J Colorectal Dis; 2021 Jul; 36(7):1329-1344. PubMed ID: 33598751
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  • 12. Endoscopic submucosal dissection for colorectal lesions: outcomes from a United States experience.
    Gupta N; Rodríguez-Ruiz G; Siddiqui UD; Chapman CG; Donboli K; Hart J; Xiao SY; Waxman I
    Surg Endosc; 2022 Jan; 36(1):236-243. PubMed ID: 33523276
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  • 13. Revealing the Potential Application of EC-Synthetic Retinoid Analogues in Anticancer Therapy.
    Abdelaal MR; Soror SH; Elnagar MR; Haffez H
    Molecules; 2021 Jan; 26(2):. PubMed ID: 33477997
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  • 14. Structure of the helicase core of Werner helicase, a key target in microsatellite instability cancers.
    Newman JA; Gavard AE; Lieb S; Ravichandran MC; Hauer K; Werni P; Geist L; Böttcher J; Engen JR; Rumpel K; Samwer M; Petronczki M; Gileadi O
    Life Sci Alliance; 2021 Jan; 4(1):. PubMed ID: 33199508
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  • 15. Prevalence of APC and PTEN Alterations in Urachal cancer.
    Nagy N; Reis H; Hadaschik B; Niedworok C; Módos O; Szendrői A; Bíró K; Hager T; Herold T; Ablat J; Black PC; Okon K; Tolkach Y; Csizmarik A; Oláh C; Keresztes D; Bremmer F; Gaisa NT; Kriegsmann J; Kovalszky I; Kiss A; Tímár J; Szász MA; Rink M; Fisch M; Nyirády P; Szarvas T
    Pathol Oncol Res; 2020 Oct; 26(4):2773-2781. PubMed ID: 32754865
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  • 16. Patient-Derived Xenografts and Matched Cell Lines Identify Pharmacogenomic Vulnerabilities in colorectal cancer.
    Lazzari L; Corti G; Picco G; Isella C; Montone M; Arcella P; Durinikova E; Zanella ER; Novara L; Barbosa F; Cassingena A; Cancelliere C; Medico E; Sartore-Bianchi A; Siena S; Garnett MJ; Bertotti A; Trusolino L; Di Nicolantonio F; Linnebacher M; Bardelli A; Arena S
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Oct; 25(20):6243-6259. PubMed ID: 31375513
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  • 17. Werner syndrome helicase is a selective vulnerability of microsatellite instability-high tumor cells.
    Lieb S; Blaha-Ostermann S; Kamper E; Rippka J; Schwarz C; Ehrenhöfer-Wölfer K; Schlattl A; Wernitznig A; Lipp JJ; Nagasaka K; van der Lelij P; Bader G; Koi M; Goel A; Neumüller RA; Peters JM; Kraut N; Pearson MA; Petronczki M; Wöhrle S
    Elife; 2019 Mar; 8():. PubMed ID: 30910006
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  • 18. Association of CHFR Promoter Methylation with Treatment Outcomes of Irinotecan-Based Chemotherapy in Metastatic colorectal cancer.
    Cha Y; Kim SY; Yeo HY; Baek JY; Choi MK; Jung KH; Dong SM; Chang HJ
    Neoplasia; 2019 Jan; 21(1):146-155. PubMed ID: 30562637
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  • 19. wrn Promoter CpG Island Hypermethylation Does Not Predict More Favorable Outcomes for Patients with Metastatic colorectal cancer Treated with Irinotecan-Based Therapy.
    Bosch LJ; Luo Y; Lao VV; Snaebjornsson P; Trooskens G; Vlassenbroeck I; Mongera S; Tang W; Welcsh P; Herman JG; Koopman M; Nagtegaal ID; Punt CJ; van Criekinge W; Meijer GA; Monnat RJ; Carvalho B; Grady WM
    Clin Cancer Res; 2016 Sep; 22(18):4612-22. PubMed ID: 27121793
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  • 20. Genetic Variants That Predispose to DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Lymphocytes From a Subset of Patients With Familial colorectal Carcinomas.
    Arora S; Yan H; Cho I; Fan HY; Luo B; Gai X; Bodian DL; Vockley JG; Zhou Y; Handorf EA; Egleston BL; Andrake MD; Nicolas E; Serebriiskii IG; Yen TJ; Hall MJ; Golemis EA; Enders GH
    Gastroenterology; 2015 Dec; 149(7):1872-1883.e9. PubMed ID: 26344056
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