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Terms: = Ovarian germ cell tumor AND BRCA2, FAD, 675, ENSG00000139618, FACD, FAD1, FANCD, FANCD1, BRCC2, RP11-298P3_4
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  • 1. [Gonadoblastoma: Clinicopathological study and literature review of 3 cases].
    Bao ML; Li X; Chen G; Li H; Chen W; Li HX
    Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue; 2023 Jul; 29(7):634-638. PubMed ID: 38619412
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  • 2. The Clinicopathological Significance of the Cyclin D1/E1-Cyclin-Dependent Kinase (CDK2/4/6)-Retinoblastoma (RB1/pRB1) Pathway in Epithelial ovarian Cancers.
    Lashen A; Algethami M; Alqahtani S; Shoqafi A; Sheha A; Jeyapalan JN; Mongan NP; Rakha EA; Madhusudan S
    Int J Mol Sci; 2024 Apr; 25(7):. PubMed ID: 38612869
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  • 3. A prospective cohort study with serum anti-mullerian hormone levels change in patients undergoing uterine preservation after gestational trophoblastic neoplasia treatment with a methotrexate regimen.
    Tuan Dat D; Huyen Thuong PT; Hong Hai D; Khac Toan N; Tai Duc N; Duy Anh N; Thi Thu Ha N
    Clin Ter; 2024; 175(2):128-134. PubMed ID: 38571471
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  • 4. Comparison of the multiples of the median of serum anti-müllerian hormone and pregnancy outcomes in patients with gestational trophoblastic disease: A case-control study.
    Lai THT; Lau LSK; Ngu SF; Chu MYM; Chan KKL; Ng EHY; Ngan HYS; Li RHW; Tse KY
    Cancer Med; 2024 Apr; 13(7):e7134. PubMed ID: 38545760
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  • 5. [Clinical analysis of 12 cases of ovarian yolk sac tumor].
    Liu J; Chu HJ; Shan YP; Song WJ; Chen AP
    Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi; 2024 Mar; 59(3):210-214. PubMed ID: 38544450
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  • 6. RAF inhibitor re-challenge therapy in BRAF-aberrant pan-cancers: the RE-RAFFLE study.
    Nelson BE; Roszik J; Ahmed J; Barretto CMN; Nardo M; Campbell E; Johnson AM; Piha-Paul SA; Oliva ICG; Weathers SP; Cabanillas M; Javle M; Meric-Bernstam F; Subbiah V
    Mol Cancer; 2024 Mar; 23(1):64. PubMed ID: 38532456
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  • 7. Presentation and treatment of two cases of malignant struma ovarii.
    Obeidat RA; Alshwayyat S; Alshwayyat TA; Rjoop A; Sharqiah QM
    BMC Womens Health; 2024 Mar; 24(1):158. PubMed ID: 38443937
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  • 8. Struma Ovarii With Extensive Peritoneal Implants Metastasis Revealed by 99m TcO 4 SPECT/CT.
    Xie H; Huang R; Lei J; Li L
    Clin Nucl Med; 2024 Apr; 49(4):366-368. PubMed ID: 38389218
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  • 9. Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy to Treat Pseudomyxoma Peritonei of ovarian Origin: A Retrospective French RENAPE Group Study.
    Trecourt A; Bakrin N; Glehen O; Gertych W; Villeneuve L; Isaac S; Benzerdjeb N; Fontaine J; Genestie C; Dartigues P; Leroux A; Quenet F; Marchal F; Odin C; Khellaf L; Svrcek M; Thierry S; Augros M; Omar A; Devouassoux-Shisheboran M; Kepenekian V;
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2024 May; 31(5):3325-3338. PubMed ID: 38341381
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  • 10. [A pan-cancer analysis of TTC9A expression level and its correlation with prognosis and immune microenvironment].
    Yao Y; Liu J; Zhou X; Liu Z; Qiu S; He Y; Zhou X
    Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao; 2024 Jan; 44(1):70-82. PubMed ID: 38293978
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  • 11. Neuroendocrine neoplasms of the ovary: a review of 63 cases.
    Flores Legarreta A; Saab R; Gonzales NR; Chisholm GB; Westin SN; Hillman RT; Frumovitz M
    Int J Gynecol Cancer; 2024 Apr; 34(4):566-573. PubMed ID: 38290783
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  • 12. Antibacterial and biofilm disruptive nonribosomal lipopeptides from Streptomyces parvulus against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.
    Kadaikunnan S; Vijayaragavan P; Rathi MA; Balamuralikrishnan B; Alharbi NS; Gopalakrishnan VK; Purushothaman S; Sivanesan R
    J Infect Public Health; 2024 Mar; 17(3):450-456. PubMed ID: 38262082
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  • 13. [Swyer syndrome with gonadal non-dysgerminoma malignant germ cell tumors: a report of 15 cases in a national medical center].
    Liang H; Li SJ; Yang JX; Wu M; Cao DY; Wang JH; Wang T; Zhang XY
    Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi; 2024 Jan; 59(1):64-69. PubMed ID: 38228517
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  • 14. FGL2 promotes tumour growth and attenuates infiltration of activated immune cells in melanoma and ovarian cancer models.
    Galpin KJC; Rodriguez GM; Maranda V; Cook DP; Macdonald E; Murshed H; Zhao S; McCloskey CW; Chruscinski A; Levy GA; Ardolino M; Vanderhyden BC
    Sci Rep; 2024 Jan; 14(1):787. PubMed ID: 38191799
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  • 15. Frequent expression of CD45RO memory T cell marker as well as low to high expression of PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitory molecules in seminoma and dysgerminoma.
    Farahani H; Dehghanian AR; Khademolhosseini A; Haghshenas MR; Erfani N
    J Reprod Immunol; 2024 Feb; 161():104184. PubMed ID: 38171036
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  • 16. germline brca2 pathogenic variants in pediatric ganglioglioma: Case report and review of the literature.
    Gupta A; Lechpammer M; Brossier NM
    Childs Nerv Syst; 2024 May; 40(5):1609-1612. PubMed ID: 38168858
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  • 17. Reproductive outcomes after conservative treatment in early and advanced stage MOGCTs.
    Vasta FM; Cormio G; Cassani C; Bergamini A; Scarfone G; Ferrandina G; De Vivo R; Marinaccio M; Danese S; Raspagliesi F; Pignata S; Mangili G
    Gynecol Oncol; 2024 Feb; 181():28-32. PubMed ID: 38104526
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  • 18. Significance of Ultra-Radical Surgery in Extensive Metastatic ovarian Growing Teratoma Syndrome.
    Li S; Wang T; Du H; Tang H; Zhang T; Zhang R; Zhang X; Yang J
    Oncology; 2023; 101(12):773-781. PubMed ID: 38096801
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  • 19. Giant left pheochromocytoma with vascular anomalies and pelvic horseshoe kidney: a case report.
    Biben E; Menon L; Gokden N; Spond MF; Eichhorn JM; Aydin AM
    BMC Urol; 2023 Dec; 23(1):204. PubMed ID: 38066479
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  • 20. BRCA1/2 reversion mutations in a pan-cancer cohort.
    Nakamura K; Hayashi H; Kawano R; Ishikawa M; Aimono E; Mizuno T; Kuroda H; Kojima Y; Niikura N; Kawanishi A; Takeshita K; Suzuki S; Ueno S; Okuwaki K; Sasaki J; Yamaguchi M; Masuda K; Chiyoda T; Yamagami W; Okada C; Nohara S; Tanishima S; Nishihara H
    Cancer Sci; 2024 Feb; 115(2):635-647. PubMed ID: 38041241
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