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Terms: = Rhabdomyosarcoma AND MYC, c-Myc, 4609, ENSG00000136997 AND Clinical Outcome
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  • 1. Fusion of the Paired Box 3 (
    Panagopoulos I; Gorunova L; Andersen K; Lund-Iversen M; Tafjord S; Micci F; Heim S
    Cancer Genomics Proteomics; 2021; 18(6):723-734. PubMed ID: 34697065
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  • 2. Transactivating mutation of the MYOD1 gene is a frequent event in adult spindle cell rhabdomyosarcoma.
    Szuhai K; de Jong D; Leung WY; Fletcher CD; Hogendoorn PC
    J Pathol; 2014 Feb; 232(3):300-7. PubMed ID: 24272621
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  • 3. Cytogenetic and molecular findings related to rhabdomyosarcoma. An analysis of seven cases.
    Gil-Benso R; López-Ginés C; Carda C; López-Guerrero JA; Ferrer J; Pellín-Pérez A; Llombart-Bosch A
    Cancer Genet Cytogenet; 2003 Jul; 144(2):125-33. PubMed ID: 12850375
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  • 4. mycN gene amplification in rhabdomyosarcoma.
    Driman D; Thorner PS; Greenberg ML; Chilton-MacNeill S; Squire J
    Cancer; 1994 Apr; 73(8):2231-7. PubMed ID: 8156531
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