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  • Title: Childhood tuberculosis diagnosed and managed as asthma: case report.
    Author: Kurokawa La Scala CS, La Scala CR, Wandalsen GF, Malozzi MC, Naspitz CK, Solé D.
    Journal: Allergol Immunopathol (Madr); ; 34(6):276-9. PubMed ID: 17173845.
    The worldwide incidence of tuberculosis (TB) has been increasing. Although its diagnosis is well established in adults, in children it is difficult due to its particular aspects. We report a 3 years and 8 month-old infant who experienced chronic wheezing, classified as moderate-to-severe asthma, had recurrent pneumonia, and was not responsive to management with beta adrenergic agents. Chest X-rays (CXR) showed heterogeneous condensation in medium lobe and the chest computerized-tomography scan (CCT) a heterogeneous increase in pulmonary transparency, like condensation in the same lobe. After four months of treatment with anti tuberculosis agents, a significant improvement in symptoms, normal CXR, absence of pulmonary medium lobe condensation, and persistence fibro-atelectatic band in lingula were observed.
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